Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thats what Friends R 4

Lady "M" and I had a huge ass talk and shes so fucking right. I'm bad news for her. It hurts deeply to lose as a woman I would have married in a heartbeat like Sandy. Instead where going to be rommies for a bit until I move out to my own digs. Today I got Temporary restraining order against Jimmy for attacking me. Sandy sill get a kick from that if she reads this lmao. I laugh cause people seem to think I'm lying to them? why? don't know but they get so fucking surprised when I win my court battles. I guess OMFG ROFL, I AIN'T AS STUPID AS I LOOK!!! Filed it and was granted today by a Judge and tell you truth I like going in front of a Judge and arguing my case. So some bad news for me and some white collar criminals first ok? I LOOK AT MY HANDS AS I TYPE THIS AND  FEEL MY POWERS SURGING WITHIN.

Hired myself to Bail Co's and litigation support services. You's price a man's head and I'll get it for ya..always in a legal way. Figured it wouldn't swing and tomorrow I have an interview a big sfv outfit. I think right now in my life I need to chase Human down again. To see his or her eyes as you walk or drive by each other knowing full well each others position, but the hunted never quite believes its his or her day. Until its to late. If it goes well tomorrow the gig should be bring in lol..bailers? As it is. I "MARKETED" some older dude to get his claim going to get his 5grand bike back. Sat I see the dud with the captive bike. He thinks I'm a very possible client lmao what a marroon. LMAO I used to nail punks like sats defendant all the time back in the day.

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