Monday, March 1, 2010

Love Destroys Evil everytime.

I like to work out everyday and I walk a min of 4 miles a day. I stop by Church early in Morning and thank God for my daily breath and  to please watch over my Kids and Sandys. I always use my last Dollar to light a candle for Lady M in gratitude for her love and quiet respect for me in this difficult time in my life. Lady M has eyes that only Supergirl can have. Today M read some of her poems and well I'd never been with a highly educated women before and I don't mean a snob or shit, but someone that has the ability to use words to point out emotions of feelings there exist daily but we don't see. I think I have fallen in love with Lady M. She offers what she has, of course I don't accept anything from her except her tender embraces as we make love nightly. Sandy was right I needed an older woman in my life. Lady M has been the Standard that I mark myself daily as I search for a job. Have a couple of interviews today. Don't know If 'ill get them but I checked out cruise prices. Am selling Benz, if I get the job am taking Lady M on a 3 day cruise to Mexico. What a blast that will be for us and a complete and totally personal victory for me.

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