Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Later Good People

Am leaving tomorrow for SF for a fact now. I know my relationship with Lady M is a lie and is going nowhere. She lies to me and expects me to believe her. She doesn't do it for me sexually anymore, she did in the beginning but now she feels she doesn't have to. Well then shes probably way too old for me then so off I go to find a younger girl. They told me a woman that's never been married or had kids is most likely a nut job, now threw in my control issues and you have a madhouse brewing. I think I need the time to build a base and build myself up for now. Like a friend said just get a one night stand when your all jacked up and in heat. He's right. I gave jenny to a friend and the idiot fell in love with a girl that needs more than a few guys in here. Lol man what a fucked world we live in huh. Throw in a ex wife of thirty years that still can't get over me yet, my kids that she withholds from me seeing. So I turn to you holding a blade that could skin a gator with a swipe and ask should I give a shit on what any mother fucking human has to say to me. Are my man hunter skills still sharp? rofl man. Couple of days some businessmen in Cammrillio asked me if I could find some dudes that had bounced some serious bread on him. He  was like I'll give you a laptop and some cash if you can find them. I found them hours ago as I talked to one I heard the baby he was carrying in his arms crying and with a kroup cough. I told the dude what to do with kid, drive him around the block at dawn and get some steam shower in the kids lungs vapor and all that. The other fucker is like 70 years and was breathing through a oxygen mask. I told him I had wrong house and walked away. See Sandy I am most capable of Mercy and understanding. God has given me a gift of finding anybody on Earth except I can't find myself or a true love for that matter..ironic huh. I weighed in today 148 lbs and ma now officially done losing weight. I fit comfortably in size 28 waist size and that's I ever wanted. I can now pick up beautiful women as easily as a fat man picks a dozen glaze doughnuts. To that I say so what. I can't find my soul anymore or the reason to give a shit about another human being. I think I lost my way on Gods path and in spite of my efforts I think I lost Gods love too. My own family has attacked me and now Jimmy faces assult and battery charges for attacking me. Even though  A tOUR bUS COULDN'T EVEN Scratch ME IN England. i WANT THIS MMOTHERLESS FUCK Processed TO THE FULL EXTENT to the full extent of the law and and of course am bringing full legal action against him and the insurance policy at el puesto. He served tainted to customers after the health inspector told him not to and I stopped him. He was a lousy restaurant person and is really a dirty man.

Sandy no Woman of your unique and uncomplicated quality of a woman has ever loved me like you did. I will adore you for the rest of my life and will always think of you. This phone you have on me will be dead by the time they lock up Jimmy like a fucking dog in a cage, but my email that you have is always there just for you Kid. You ever in San Fransisco look me up in a year according to lawyers i'll have serious coins in my pocket and would love to take you around the world a little bit, Bye Sandy to the most honest and purest Woman God even made. Kiss Doll.

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