Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last Job I had was like 25 years ago

Got to work today at 6:30 am and wow I just had a ball of a day with French Chefs, lmao hardcore cats and kittens. We just sang back and forth songs and memories of France as we manned the line and dealt with legions of starving customers.. Hell I don't even like France in general except for Paris of course. Am more of a I love Rome kind of a guy. My highlight of the day was when Frank owner of the joint gave me his niner and a 2 dollar raise and said, to all that "I was now not only a sauce line chef,  but also in charge of Security and disputes". What happened next I did for Lady M's sake or I guess a moment in time for her to have witnessed if she had been present. I unloaded clip showed it to all, clipped it in pointed it at my head and pulled the lmao like anything would have happened lmao man. You can imagine my colleagues of the line and the million questions after that little stunt. I haven't had a job since I was a teenager and mostly been self employed all my life. Its a ball to work for somebody else and no longer have to be a fucking show or be performing to make a buck. Still I want to be rich again and this time lmao and this time. Iwon't forget to bring the gravy lmao.

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