Tuesday, February 23, 2010

yea, yea..

Maybe we all have had good days and bad ones to, but we woke up the next day regardless. I used to think life would get easier to understand or maybe even less complicated as you grew older. For me it did not. Will do things this week that will be my crossing of the Rubicon.  If it works cool, if not the blow was nevertheless dealt.

It's been now almost a year and half since I saw a another Nation and felt its history shock the soles of my American wanderlust flat feet. I thirst for the richness of the nose breaking aromas of different people tossed together from all parts of the world at a crucial train route. All of us anxious but so deliriously happy that at least our day  its a Euro problem . Basically am just hunting for a job just to get back to Italy and figure out how to stay there.

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