Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost TV Show

She is the most loving woman I've ever known. I get so turned on when I see her walk by. If it wasn't for my kids I would have wasted my life being married to the wrong woman. I would sell my soul for this lady. She is complicated but her feelings of love and friendship are so insanely simple to understand. She doesn't lie!!!!!!!!
Last night I watched the new Lost episode. Frankly the show reminds me of Gilligan's island and well if wasn't for my Queen I wouldn't even look at it twice. Its my Lady s favorite show so I respect its writing and its actually well developed storyline. I'm just not mentally in the right place to see it, but my girl lol man her eyes light up and really enjoys the show. So to all the sponsors of the show Lost I proudly state that any show that makes the love of life smile and have so much fun with it and keep in mind people shes probably one of the most brilliant women alive. Well sponsors of Lost I will buy anything you folks are selling. :)

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