Monday, February 8, 2010

Ain't a Man-Whore..K!

As I embark on a new life. I trip heavily as I drive my benz through Sunset and Vine.  Its not the status of the car or the luxury of its interior or even how heavy and solid it feels. It's that I wanted it and I got it. Read a tweet from girl that only she would ever had told me that. She called me a man whore. Thing is she can never fully understand that term as one she is not a man or a whore. Every wonderful woman that said yes to us sharing a intimate magical moment. I do not consider that sweet lady anything but a delicious magical goddess that said yes one night to a lonely mortal. So I am not a fucking Man Whore k. Maybe am a little more sexually active than perhaps another man my age. Hmm well I was married for 27 years, throw in a 24 hour basis since we were 19 years old and yea is mad groovy now man.

A few women seem to think we want sex cause we "NEED to FUCK" lol not really ladies. Its deeper for us than you possibly could ever imagine. We know that's its our desire for you that  ties Mankind fate to our Dicks. How easy it would be for me and every other average dude to live if all it meant as a man and a woman that our "moment when we invited each other to join as one. Was nothing more than just a FUCK.
Some people you can fuck with others you can't. I'm the can't. I tend to fall in love.

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