Monday, February 22, 2010

Ain't leaving for SF

 When you used to weigh 300 plus pounds,who knew if you lost half your weight you could get Dennis Quiads Smile lines, dimples whatever lmao am tripping I have them now. ROFL my Daughter used to call me the Mexican Jaba the Hut . I love being fit now, its freaking fun to walk,workout and try on great clothes :)

Yea ain't going to SF after all just don't trust the dude. Don't care if we getting a house or not. I just don't feel that at this point in my life I need to live my life like I'm 24 or something. The roomiee and uncountable women concept sounds fine and all that, but I can do that now as it is. I like LA its easy to get work here and hell man Rome is just a mere 13 hours to fly to. Its been a fun and crazy journey to be here. Am pouring my fine self into my Benz and heading to OSK store for some nuts then onto bunch of job interviews. Ford called me they said they would pay all my expenses to a salesman there. Am flattered, but I would prefer to be in a kitchen or food job. I don't want a career, just bucks so I can study Law and pass bar. Am totally cool with how my body stripped out and now am doing the same to my mind. I truly wonder what life holds in store not only for me but more importantly for you.

You want to know how to lose over 100lbs, stop smoking cigs after a lifetime of doing it? and give up soda pop by the litters?In less that a year? Went from a waist 48 to a size 28  in ONE YEAR and 3 months, then call me. The bucks I charge you will be nothing compared to who'll you be by time I'm done with you.  This is not some stupid diet scam or hypnotize crap. Ill show you how easy it is to give up cravings for food, hard liquor,cigarettes,drugs and anything else you want to give up FOR LIFE. Sorry but I'm keeping the making love as much as I can time. THAT'S MY THANG AND I FUCKING LOVE IT LMAO. Stop being a lardass, CIG smoker,druggie or drinker. call me and change your life bitch. 323-540-2803 ask for me:

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