Saturday, January 23, 2010

You want Girls?

Hi Bro you want girls? LMAO man who doesn't, but I'll tell you my tips, see if it helps ya. Am all about scoring honey. First of all forget about BARS! unless you want a alcoholic girlfriend and besides do you really want to screw a drunk babe? LMAO trust me you don't!!!!!!!!! First decide how old do you want her. Rule of thumb for me is, if she has braces on...stay away its a 15-30 year stretch in a federal prison LOL! If she has too much grey in hair, stay away man she probably knows you're Mom and the laughter from Mom when she finds out..well lets put it this way DO NOT GO THERE MAN!!!!

I prefer clubs like Avalon in Hollywood or Skinny's in San Fernando Valley. What race of a girl? Thats probably the most important factor for me at least. I was married for a thousand years to a Hispanic girl from Mexico city. I stay away from all LATINAS. I don't care what boobs, ass or face they have on man. I JUST STAY AWAY. I know who they are and more importantly I know who they'll become later. So stay away from Race of girls that has given you trouble in the past. Go for a girl you never tried before or or a snowballs chance in Hell with.  I flirt with them all except you know who LOL!!

Ok hit the club and for Christ sakes man don't get drunk there. LMAO I did and dude you end up with a totally different kind of babe when sober. I like to warms on floor with honeys on the rebound from a past relationship. Easy to spot they travel in groups and usally shes the one looking at the dance floor with a sad, but determined look. In mind I always say, "up periscope" think of a imaginary coordinate and yell in my brain 'fire Torpedo One"! By the way BTW<----LOL. I use this line on rebounded honeys and has never failed me. You decide the moment but make sure you use it well cause the next step is "fun town". Line is, "Hey Baby don't hate..Participate."

If you want her for a friend try and I do mean try,  not sleep with her that same night. I know, but dude it really won't work out long term at least it hasn't for me. Not saying you won't get laid, but what are you into? Getting laid or scoring a future regular sexy time and a cool girlfriend or a one nighter? Who knows maybe you can  do both. I just aint a Brad Pitt kinda of a guy so I gotta plan my shit lol.

As far as online dating its the easiest way to score honeys. You can not miss on a dating site. At least I've been lucky and every girl I pretty much wanted online.  I got to kiss and love a little. Yet not one has worked out long-term. So go figure that one out. Yet online dating has had a huge ass effect on my heart and later heartaches.Yet be warned Brother, you will find a girl online and yes you will make love to her as well. The danger you run is you can and like I did will fall in love with her too. I did and to this minute when I hear the song she sang to me as I held her in my kitchen. I get twangs of this and that. To this very fucking day am still in love with her. Fuck man if she were to call me right now I would pick it up and finally take her for the ride I promised her. In way I guess write this so she might read it, but I know better, we all move on. Its awesome though to look at pictures of women and literally pick the one you like and later kiss in real life. Wow man I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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