Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yea I let her go too.

Yea I let her go too. Bye Jenny you were a freaking blast but I don't play that. With that I walked out of her Apt for the last time. Now I'm totally alone with no honey to call on.
Fade to black with subtitle.."Now the Adventure Truly Begins". :)

a Year and 5 months have passd since I divorced my wife and left my house. Whats Happened since?
  • I now weigh 150 lbs. Used to weigh 304 lbs when I was married.
  • Stopped smoking cigarettes. Used to smoke a pack a day since I was 16 years old.
  • No longer drink Soda Pop. Used to drink about a liter and half a day.
  • Have slept with over 30 women all ages all races. :)
  • Learned to love myself more than my addictions.
  • Stopped the ex wife from further harming me and won a three year permanent restraining order on her.
  • Am a size 29 in Jeans ROFL!! I still can't get over that one man.
  • Fell in love with a honey and lost her, but I got to feel "love" again.

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