Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wow lots happened.

Ok lets go first with the District Attorney and Judge k? ROFL MAN!! My ex-wife tried to stick me in county jail for a year....awwww what a peach huh? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Of all the mother fuckers on the planet she knows more than anybody you can't hurt me, cause you want to. Only I can injure myself, nobody else. The thing is I had a choice to pay 3700.00 bucks to hire my old criminal attorney or I could just take my chances and hope that the Public defender could rip my ex wife.

Well today I fell  in love with a woman's brain. The Public Defender tore a new asshole into the District Attorney as she rightly should have. Not only did I get the 5k bench warrant recalled but also got the entire case dismissed, but get this OMG am so fucking laughing as I write this. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sit down folks and behold how God protects me with his Sacred breath.

So I leave the courthouse a free and vindicated man. Kind of used to it by now, but I'm not used to what a horrible deadly prick I have turned into. Ok back to after the court hearing: So have driven away I say about 3 blocks away from the courthouse when I get the "CALL".  I tingle as I remember every juicy moment and the nuclear aftermath fallout of deadly consequences raining down on those malcontents involved.

To my readers who have followed my adventures this year. I bet your like OMG NO WAY!! DON'T TELL ME IT WAS ANITA?? ROFL..WAY...ROFL OMG LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Yea it was Anita. She begins with your such a lucky fucker and that I wont make it though the night. I'll be dead by Midnight and she.. goes on to Say that my ex-wife is right next to her listing to the convo in fact the ex wife piped in with a quick fuck you and die statement at me. I let this hate-fest against me go on, oh heck I guess for 5 minutes? When they paused for air I asked gently you done now Anita?  She was quiet and said yea, I said, you "just got my ex-wife in mad trouble". She laughed and said they knew I didn't know how to record on a pearl blackberry. They are right I don't. She also called me more names and cackled that they star 67ed when they called me so I could never prove they had called from my ex wife's house. 

 I spoke softly, but so loving and sweetly. I said and I FUCKING QUOTE! I said. "Anita I believe the number that shows up here on my screen is---------. She gasped , paused for about an eternity, seemned maybe a little more and started to scream on the phone that she was sorry for calling. Apparently in their haste to laugh at me, she had forgotten to dial it as an unknown number. Actually a common mistake, but sadly a tragic one if inflicted on a monster like me. I hung up and no longer answered her calls as they came in as "UNKNOWN NUMBER"

The watch commander of PD next to courthouse was hmm lets say LIVID? that I had been staked out, yet another violation of my permanent restraining order against my ex wife as also was the phone call by Anita. It was Anita stalking me in my alley in October that earned my ex wife a 3 year restraining order against her. In short by the end of the day. Reports and investigation for volition of a Court Order were filed in two different police stations and parallel investigations by detectives in both stations began to seek out their prey.   

It use to be I would never have turned on a woman. Lol now well its different me. After all women seek equality? RIGHT?????????? If you do seek this mythical equality, then babe learn this lesson now and probably the only lesson you'll ever need when fighting a Man.

Have you ever seen a movie where it seemed hopeless and the hero looked like he or she had lost, until the end of movie or story? Well I always wondered if I could pull off a intense ending and save the day or in this case my own slender, but ever so so so sexy ass. Before I go on, just fucking have to say this. I hit 150lbs today and so what you ask? You ever hear of the 310 lb ugly duckling that grew up into a 150lb Swan? Hi people guess what I'm a swan. At least 3 girls unabashedly hit on me today and I came home with 4 cell numbers? Maybe its the weight loss or maybe its just that I'm in a better sexier place than I was a year ago.

Yet it feels great to be chased by gorgeous women. Two I mean drop dead gorgeous babes hmm how do I put this gracefully...hmmm, almost tore my clothes off in front of my poor Mom and Jimmy at the restaurant this evening. Lmao at  Trilica?who yelled at my Mom, "your Son is sick" and tried to drag me back into the storage room. Alex the store clerk saved my ass and told the girls that the place could be closed for lewd behavior. ROFL, they just looked at him and then pulled us both into storage room. My Mom told the girls she was going to throw buckets of cold water on us if they didn't let go of her sick Son, Lol Mom thought the girls meant I had the flu...rofl sweet Mom I adore her so.. The honeys finally gave up and surrendered to reason and decorum, lmao man.

Been a long day and on top of all this good stuff I have a runny nose and maybe the sniffles lol.
To the reader the scribblings of a middle aged man may mean nothing, but to me in the years to come. This blog will be a delicious thing to read and truly enjoy.

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