Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wish I could lie about it.

Yet I can't, hell no shame in have feelings even if its for the wrong women. Yea here it is 2010 and yea I still think about "T" Girl especially when I'm between girlfriends. Dam I guess I really did fall in love with her. Hell man who couldn't. Well regarding Lady "M" am pretty sure were done. I'll always think of M with such affection and admiration. What a classy Dame. Well back to Skinny's lounge and plenty of This time am sticking with only "youngsters" (25-35) lmao yea call me a pedo...bite me lmao. Younger honeys are fun and carefree about life. Figure I should lighten up after all whats the rush? Do I really need to have a woman by my side. Beginning to dawn on me that I don't. Why not just go for an all inclusive gathering of best friends in my case they are going to be all Women...hehehe Today as Roy and I checked out the ribs that were cruising around town I thought to myself. This kid and I could own Rome in a matter of hours. I figure I'll hopefully be in Spain in March and if what I've been working on happens I should be able to hang on there untill Roy hits Rome in June. Heheh am crossing my fingers.So we decided to plan a Greece and Italy trip this Summer. Kind of a Zeus and Apollo chill with Venus and Dianna on Mount Olympus deal.

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