Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a photo from the past....

Wow man what a difference a year can make. The photo above reminds me, what I looked like, I now weigh 150lbs and have abs that could stop a train. I am living a life most can't even dream of.  Its a chance at a new life. Today the Detective called me regarding my ex wife and said the city attorney was filing charges against Anita. I was like Anita? his answer, he said, she was threatening him and me on phone. LOL!! I was like SEE I TOLD YA THEY WERE NUTS MAN!!!!!!SEE SEE SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROFL gawdam chicks man. We truly can't live with them or without. God what a blast you must have seeing us humans..your creations running around trying to find Love. LMAO!!!

I told detective, hey bro let them go. When I filed that report I was fucking pissed those bitches had been staking me out around courthouse. They wanted to see how I would get sent to jail for a year,but they forgot who I used to be and whom I had become. I walked out free as a bird,vindicated and lusting for some massive payback. Didn't have to wait long. Anita called me 20 mins or so after I left Courthouse. Hence the mess they now find themselves in. I don't get this shit man. See when I filed for divorce, my ex and I guess were in shock and complete denial of what divorce meant after a 24/27 years marriage and we acted all friendly toward each other. In fact she offered one night on phone to send me Anita to keep my company.

Inside deep inside I was like EWWWW! don't get me wrong Anita is a pretty young honey, but I've known her as a friend and employee of my ex wife for about 15 years. Yea so much for deep inside, heheh my dick won the debate and I had a Anita delivered to me on a platter. She hung out at my place for about a month.
She did a good job at whatever she was sent here as apparently my ex tried and tried to get me jailed or a longer tern restraining order. I finally got pissed and nailed her ass with a 3 year permanent TRO. Those bad boys ain't easy to get Folks!!

Which leads us to today's post. See what ex wifey had forgotten that I was always the planner the schemer if you will. I have the patience of a cat. Naturally whatever I told Anita under the sheets, as sure as the sun rising tomorrow,I knew she would tell the Ex-wife. LMAO you cant even fucking imagine the head games I played on those witches. How many times have they tried to boil me alive in their cauldron of deceit and futility.
Bah silly women.Behold the Mercy of a true King. My Son Never forget boy I let them go. When your 18, my lawyer will send you papers, hardcopy of what I have been telling you through this blog. I let them go even though to this day they still plan my person harm. Watch my Son how easily I shrug off their ill conceived efforts . We are Men my Prince, we were born to die ,but how many we save and the ones that we show mercy upon. That my future King, that's what marks your Being in Times eyes. I loved your Mom, a long time ago and she loved me as well. How many times will I let these bats from Hell take stabs at me? Hmm, as long as it amuses me. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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