Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well Excuse Me!!

Well false alarm.Thing about false alarms they can be set off by very real triggers. I could sit here and write how bummed I am, but to tell ya the truth am very much elated and finally guilt free. Lady M will make a lucky man one day very happy. Shame it aint going to be me. Such is the game of Love. Si la vie est cadeau.

Am guilt free as a  knight.  I did my best to save this Princess from a life of solitude, but I realized I wasn't the right warrior or perhaps she liked her Realm that way. As I left M's apt and headed to mine, you can imagine my bumness, until I got a call from Jenny asking me where I was and how was I. Told her about my dismal failure to move in with M, added I was heading to beach to walk around a bit.  She recommended I head to my place instead and make love to her for the rest of the day. I thought about it all 4 seconds and yelled HELL YEA!!

What have I learned about women in 13 months after my divorce of 27 years?  Only two lessons.
1). Hang with Women that say yes and that do everything to hold you madly close to they're Hearts.

2).  Each Woman when in a group, is no different than diamonds piled up. Yet each one is flawless and priceless.

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