Thursday, January 28, 2010

No lies please?

Lol man will never figure babes man. They lie and think we will take it with a grain of salt. I have no problem with a babe lying as long as she puts out. If she doesn't then why bother even talking? I used to believe a woman when she spoke to me. Lol now I kinda yawn mentally when they spin a lie. Hey baby you want me? Then Doll let your actions speak for themselves not your words. Cause I've learned after 27 years of a 24 hour together marriage. That when a woman speaks Rofl man you bet your ass shes fibbing. I guess so do we huh. Shame nobody can stay true, well I'm going to be so fucking truthful to next babe that lands in my web of love... Like today a nice honey came into restaurant. We've been smiling at each other during the year and yesterday we smiled again as we passed each other on street. I was doing my laundry and had spotted her at laundry mat.
She came into el puesto and wanted a burrito so I made it nice and beefy for her. We exchanged small talk, but I as too tired (9am-9pm)to play game on her. She saw I was tired and did well with her game. Got me interested in her. Shes a petite woman and pretty. Yet shes Latina and I don't want to ever go there again.

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