Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan 3-6 2010

Hurts a little, but its 2010!
The Revolving Door.
Yea it hurts to break up with a girlfriend, even hurts more to completely let go. Its not only that I thought she was the One, but its cause I let the other 3 sweethearts go to. I guess the other 3 were the ones too. Right now I think its best to take a love break and just fool around or play the field or whatever folks call it. Maybe its me and I'm the one that doesn't want to be tied down? Yet I yearn for the warmth and honesty that a true love can bring to ones life..sigh. I didn't find her and can't even say I came "close" as that word doesn't exist in love.

Some girls don't mind sharing you, but most mind a whole lot. So yea am taking a break and no longer chasing women I think I could be in love with or maybe could love. Am a little exhausted from the last one I chased, caught and had to release as her love for me wasn't full grown yet.. Figure for now, I'll lean against a fluffy cloud and let them float by to me.

Ok Folks its 2010 lets own this YEAR!!
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Sunday, January 3, 2010
I Popped the Question
I Popped the Question lol the question being did she want to live together. Yea she said yes, but I knew inside she was just being nice and really didn't mean it. Yet I being the dude that I am acted all happy and naturally gave her a couple hours later "the get out of the commitment without being awkward about it Card". Surprisingly she didn't use it that night but rather waited the next day. Again I think she is very sweet and pretty, but I just am not into a every weekend for only 48 hours relationship. Since "T" girl I haven't felt this way about a Honey, but what I learned from having my heart broken last time, is this and I pass this knowledge on freely to any fellow skirt chaser facing same or kind of same situation. 1). First of all don't fall for the old bachelor advice of not falling in love with a woman. Its impossible not to love them deeply and get lost in their musk and magic. So whats a Man on the prowl to do? After all men search for a mate for many reasons, mine being I need one by my side. Its how I roll. Nevertheless no Woman will ever take me again, to that fathomless pit of unholy loves lost.

So how do you cope without having your heart broken to literally a zillion pieces? The cure can sometimes be worse than the affliction, but its whats saving me now and allowing me to write this without suffering its cruel conclusion. This is the most important bit of advice but so hard to survive. Date as many women all the while you see that "special one". If she (the special one) doesn't workout well yea, its going to hurt, but it won't destroy you. Trust me you will still feel heartache or at least I do as I would have married this "One" in a heartbeat. Yes there will be some heartache, but follow my advice and the pain will be much less as opposed to the insanity of self destruction of loving just one sweetheart!, but like any survivor of a love lost forever death camp. I whisper in the corners of the darkest of nights..
never again...

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