Monday, January 11, 2010

I Love you Lady "M"

Gawdam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finding love IS SO FREAKING PAINFUL, BUT WHAT A HUGE ASS Joy WHEN YOU FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come shake it, shake it shake it. Lady M is my dream come true. I see her in everything I do and just can't let her go.  I stand before any Man and throw down my sword. I dare all creatures of this Earth, a death match for her Precious hand. I have been in training all my life for this kind of a Woman. I will not only walk down the Golden Path with this Angel by my side, but together we will touch peoples lives for the best of us all. She brings out the Good in me :)


I think we could be happy together.  We both have loving, giving impulses towards each other and not only do I love  you, but I RESPECT and BELIEVE in you.  These are important qualities for a woman like me to have for a man.

But what made me saddest was that I thought I had lost my best friend.  I cry to think of it.

Will call you as soon as I arrive home tonight.

Love to you,

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