Friday, January 29, 2010

Holy F--- Batman!!

Ok tell me I ain't wigging out. Last week I left a message for Lady M on her cell basically I said hi and how are you.Man how could I not say something. See I think I'm in love with her. So When I bought ticket yesterday I didn't know Lady M even remembered my name. Apparently she does as she called me today. When I heard her voice, that sweet little tiny delicious voice crack and turn into sobs. I just died then and there. She means so much to me. Am heading to her place in about an hour. Yea am really nervous yet I feel an inner calm. I think without a doubt she loves me too.

She is so fucking fine man I mean really fine. A friend asked me today if I would get married with her if she said yes. My answer? IN A FUCKING HEARTBEAT MAN!! I know shes the one, as tons of girls go nuts for yours truly when they see me with her. Why? I don't know. Tomorrow am taking her dancing to Skinnys LOL!!  Do I miss Jenny? in a small way I do, but seriously man she needs a younger dude than me. I almost 25 years older than Jenny. She likes drama big-time and of course I understand hell shes only 26 of course she likes drama. I on the other hand like a fine assed smart Dame, hence Lady M.

I can't wait to kiss her soft lips and get lost in her eyes. What a Lass, what a Woman.

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