Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heading to SF :)

Got my Benz!!!!!!!!!!!! Will post car pics when I get back from work tonight.  Its an oldie, but shes all mine  :)The big news is I got an offer to work in San Fransisco by a law firm. They want me to head up their War Discovery Unit. At first I was like blow me until I saw Salary. Yea I sold out my principles and now am a worker like everybody else. Lol kinda cool with it tho. "Be Kracking it with fo's around bay area. Shoot some funz on deck and this Thor like sculptured fo be shredding some slopes soon." Rolf not bad for an old man, huh. I used to be the picture of conservatism and all that. Man am 48 and ready to fly again.  I no longer wish to have another soar with me. See this time instead of anticipating that my next girlfriend is going to fuck up or let her agenda and ulterior motives surface uncontrolled by rhyme or reason. I intend to be true to myself first and hence to the relationship in whole. Am looking forward to San Fransisco in the coming weeks. I very much fell in love with SF last time I was there There's a certain "calm" that exist in SF that I've never encountered in Europe. I look forward to the intellectual intensity but if truth be known, I look forward to courting a Legendary Bay Area Beauty!
girl with
pink mohawk - draya (san francisco)

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