Friday, January 22, 2010

Girls will fight 4 U :)

 ROFL no my girl aint that young as honeys above, but 27 is young me. ^_-.

Yea if that shit isn't da bomb wtf is man. Yea I was looking at rain in front of el puesto thinking bout this and that. Had just finished with a PD Dective regarding my ex wife. Seems they are filing charges against her for harassing and stalking me. I didn't know that aside from her violating the tro and calling me a few times since my court date when I beat her charges against me. The cops had staked her out and had followed her and Anita to my Apt. LMAO the two idiots fell for "my turn on the lights, radio and let my enemies think I'm home routine. When the Dick asked me to come down and sign statement, I laughed so hard man. He was like WTF man you baling or what? I was like Brother no way am I sending my ex wife to jail.

He knew why and tried to tell me that my kids would get over it. I stood firm even though my entire body screamed, "send" the bitch to jail. I acted all bored and told him nah my kids would hate me. He tried to play it off saying the city attorney didn't need me and could prosecute without me. I said yea but why? since the main witness, me... didn't want to testify. My ex wife's defense lawyer would shred that big boy of  hole in the case fast. S.O.K as kids say. I just wanted to shake her ass to the floor and am sure I did lmao. Its over and the fever and thirst for vengeance has passed man.

Last night Jenny fucked me so hard, she sent me back to 1961 and I probably had a pre-birth experience. lmao!! She won't let me go no matter how "hard" I try. I guess I do want her to stay. I love it when she talks to me in bed in Japanese. Makes me feel I'm in a naughty porny Asian film. Shes been a good friend and the only sweetheart that either gave a dam about me or maybe shes the only one I gave a chance at my heart. Who knows but I sure feel great. I love sex,  love it so much and all the time, but like Moses said with a Yiddish accent as he shrugged his mighty shoulders, "Who knew"..

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