Friday, January 15, 2010

Ok God send me to Rome am ready Sir!

 Well last week it finally dawned me or I just fucking grew up finally. I was driving around and ity occurred to me if women lie like men then Jesus I better check myself for STDS and HIV, even though I am really picky about women I make love to. I went for the test. Well I got results today. Lol Clean as a new born bean rofl. NEGATIVE all across the board. Mom was happy and finally relived lmao man. MOMS always think the worst. So after finishing with "M", I figured why not start all over again. So I dropped all my girls last night and am totally alone.

When I was a fetus I saw a movie with Burt Lancaster. He I guess was going through a middle age crisis and I guess decided to go swimming across America through peoples pools. Hardly remember much ,but it struck me. I really don't have much to stay in USA for anymore. Today I started to look for Law Firms in Italy that may need a "tuff" guy like me for this and that. Hell why not live in Europe for a while. Figure if I leave in March hell why come back? First Spain if all goes well then onto Italy and a glorious future I hope LOL!

Almost forgot to mention DO NOT BRING IN YOUR RACIST ASS INTO MY FUCKING RESTAURANT OK? Yesterday maybe cause I just had finished my relationship with Lady "M" but I went nuclear on some asshole at El Puesto last night. He's always a difficult prick always asking for extra this or that but yesterday he started in with that the President would help Haitians cause he was black and leave us Americans high and dry.

So I made his burrito with everything he asked for. All the time he kept at it saying this racist shit and that against blacks. When I was done I stalled for a couple minutes and waited for next Bro to walk in. When he did I whistled for him to walk over and the dude walked over. I asked him Hey man want a free burrito and 10 bucks. The guy was like fuck yea, gave it to him and the shitfaced white bitch customer was like wtf Man!! that was my burrito you just gave away. I said yup and don't forget I gave the man 10 bucks. Then I told the little bitch he had 20 seconds to get out or I would call the cops or just follow him home and cut his heart out and shove it up his ass.

He left and he understands hes never ever to come back again. Yea I know it should have been handled right, but I figured he hated black folk so much hell he could spare some hate and have a real reason to hate spics like me. Heheh am all about being the right asshole to the wrong people.<--Hugs himself and blows a kiss at mirrors reflection, lol someone has to.

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