Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bloggers & Tweeters My Future Wife

My friends of the virtual world. Thank you for letting me pour my heart and soul to you during the past 17 months. I FINALLY FUCKING FOUND HER. The three most important f's a man in my shoes could ever want. She said yes to moving in and I start bringing my stuff over tonight. I love her deeply and she is by far the prettiest woman ever born. Twice in a lifetime I have chosen a mate. First time it lasted 27 years, but this one is forever. I love you Lady M and I will be the best Man on the face of the Earth for you my eternal Queen. I will be good and fair to others and in forefront I will always show my gratitude to God for your gift of love with acts of Nobleness to others. Lady M a year from now You and I will float together down a Church aisle in Rome and we will be joined forever by Mans Laws and in Gods eyes. Goodbye Spain, Goodbye to the sadness of life. I Love you Lady "M" I was born to love you Darling.

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