Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Internet Beings!

Plenty of Fish Mermaids. If you have been here 3 three years now, than you have serious issues :(.
("Wonders to himself..checks calendar sees when he joined, 2008!..GASPS..desperately grabs paper,pencil does the math... sharpens pencil does more math..lays head down on desk, sighs and reconsiders what he just wrote") Ladies if you have been here longer than 3 1/2 years than you have serious issue. Lol sorry I slay myself lmao. Anyways all kidding aside. Happy New Year and to all our lonely hearts May 2011 bring us what we need and deserve.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2008 I Died. Came to life Novemeber 2010

I passed away in 2008 due to the wickedness of a woman. I was born again in November 2010 through the scheming of yet another woman. Clearly I can't pick them well LOL!!! Well can't say am bummed.
Business is doing fucking great. Am doing things never thought possible. Meeting minds that are stunning. Gained like 15 lbs meh!! but no problem will shed them off fast this month. Not so much into chasing babes who knows why? maybe distrustful maybe just tired of the drama. Am just trading for people making money and bidding my time. I have a thing for black women and they for me too lmao you wouldn't think after last fiasco with Lady M. Am thinking of striking up a thing with the sweetest sounding beauty I have ever head in Georgia. Shes 50 but her style and way of talking was like wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know where am going in January or February for that matter but somewhere fun and sexy am sure.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You're Beautiful

"You're Beautiful"

My life is brilliant.

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
Flying high, [ - video/radio edited version]
Fucking high, [ - CD version]
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

.Fun Times ahead :) 2011

My Client Jeff above funded is account with We traded him the minute is account was charted and prepped. Yea end of day but hey in a hour or so he had 150 plus off his 200. Tomorrow I take him to the land of 3k in 5 hours lmao I love what I do now. Its cool to be loved this way by strangers with such a awe and celebrity status. I mean hey I am a nobody k. So this is a ball. Its not luck or shit at fist you almost have to think that. Then I realized all of sudden that I knew what I was talking about but more importantly I was making money for people that needed it. This xmas I was flush with cash. Paid my little debts to the homeless and church and figured Ill hit Italy in January. I really expect to make a shitload of money then. As my reputation is getting known in chat rooms now.
Well its time to make the big push into 2011. I have totally changed into something different and mysteriously wonderful. I make money as easy as walking I find that amazing. Took almost 3 years to get here. In my wake I leave dead things and memories of a heat I once so proudly gave away to special women. I no longer do that. Am I bitter? no I just  get sad now when I feel a rush of love buzz go through my being. I have to hold myself and sadly remember Lady M and Sandy.Am doing great things and being of service to those that move on to different worlds. On Xmas eve I spent my time with the "lookers".

These are folks that will be dead in a couple months, so we drive off "looking" for cemmentaries and checking out different burial and  "recycling disposals. I can't even begin to tell you the various conversations we have and yea weird stuff that happens on the trip lol WEIRD!!
Ben asked of course if I had sex with these honeys. I was like hell yea man. Totally tippy sometimes deeply moving other times like a trying to make a memory stick like she wants to remember it as part of a memory she takes.

I hate it actually its horrible to make love to a girl that will be dead in a few weeks or days. I think its the fucking wost thing Ive ever have wished for. I get home and fucking cry fo hours if you knew what I was you know its impossible for me to feel. Yet apparently I do lmao the word apparently busts me up. Ye it sucks its the eyes people you make love to  woman that knows shes leaving us. Fuck me you have no idea what a faraway look is even that smile is madding for she has already partially left and it scares the life out of me. So I raise my mouse to my dying girls and as promised I will attend each and every funeral and mourn you hearts with my memories  gratitude for showing me how to live again though your passing. God Bless and forgive us all. 2011

 before I FORGET!!! remember the ghost trap I made? a pen on top of a dollar resting on top of a plastic cup? I asked a few of the gone before they went? if they could come back and push the pen off the cup. Many said yea. Well i woke up with the cup and bed right next to my face on pillow. At fist I was like how did this get here? then duh!!! I always knew they could move things now I knew for a fact they could.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mash it up dawgs 2011

Hope all had a Merry Xmas! To all my past Loves and flames wow Merry XMAS Ladies!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Xmas

I named my penis "Hal" we like to chill and long walks on beach. He's sweet, strict but madly friendly and likes sushi!

Wow I am surroned by really dead people.

LMAO I hosted a party for the dead today!! Wow it so rocked. I have never met such a honest and brutally frank people like these assholes. Lol they see me writing this on big screen. The advantage of being a psychopath is people like my friends trust you. They know you won't sell them out to the lifers.
At first when I went to them and rounded all of em up. It was to create the biggest ring of dangerous criminals. After all think about a gang packed with people who are dying and will be dead in a few months. What could be m, IMAGINE THE DESTRUCTION AND PAIN with the terminally ill attacking everybody? Figured I would rip off banks and basically murder every pedophile that ever breathed. I wasn't in a good place had just broken with Lady Mand I was mad and hurt so wanted mankind to feel my agony. Was gonna be like the joker and just go ballisticly evil.

I didn't count that the dying would be bunch of Heaven seeking pansies LOL Javier (Newest member of our club) just threw a polo loco bean and cheese burrito at me LOL!! Rofl I threw back a pack of cigs at him, and seriously tho we're losing J man to cigs lung cancer so if you think you look tough smoking lets see how tuff you are when your dying. Javier gives all you fuckers the finger!! LAMO You have seen J man give verbal hell to some cops who took some illegals car away in the rain. Rofl man!! J just tore them a new hole man, he used to be a lawyer  now he just fucks with smokers.

Yet a few of the boys and girls feel and see my vision regarding pedos and LMAO guess what more than 13 local pedos went missing last and this month..gasp!OH MY OH MY?? What are we to ever do? Lets see lets call the cops shall we? Gee Officer I have hmm 20 or so people that will testify i was with them the whole time. Besides those 5 sets of prints, gee they ain't me? ROFL!!! But see cops dont give a 2 shits about a child murdering ,generation killer scum bag pedophile at all. Nope not one little measly bit.

Thats why I took out a ad in the serial killers craigslist version yea we got our own shit too ya know. The calls dont stop coming in. Lost of serial killers dont want to hurt innocent people its just they can't hold themselves its like when you gotta pee really bad. You can't hold it same with killing same thing. So we pointed out to these monsters that hey dont mean and cruel and take out the innocent. Its much more fun and no headaches as far as cops and feds chasing you down. Just concentrate on pedophiles and rapists. Well the Vatican is very pleased at the :chapters of Justice" Ive set up in the golden state and well am hoping for a shinny new medal when I get to Rome. I was told to stop getting invloved with reg women hee in states. One one of my kind would be provided to me in Italy for all my heheh sexual desires....<--rubs hands and smiles alot.Merry Xmas all!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recently Passed.

anyways learning that when stressed best just knock out for a bit. Who knows maybe an old man thang.Funny thing, you know your getting old but its like .no way I feel like 49? I feel young and strong again but wiser and meaner..yea way meaner. I give no quarter to any person regardless of gender. Best to let me be. Yea been debating getting a car or heading to Italy. I figure if I trust myself and finance abilities as long as it last. Then baby its on to Italy. I want make love to an Italian hottie. Wanna dance in a euro club with sweet young euro cuties. Want to kneel before the Holy Father and accept my Sacrament and Grace.

Last time I was there I was married for past 3o yeas and with my kids too. Now they ae young adult in college and shit and well Ex bitch is on her own with he Jew man. Me, hmm apparently working for the walking dead. Most got kicked by hospices and Hosps to, well die as they want. Most want to die moving and stuff. I totally agree. Murray told me little while ago still busting up from what he said. Said, "hey Bro I better make some heavy dollar or I come back and haunt your ass". LOL!!!!!!!  The pic above is my Passed and dropped by Bell. Meaning been telling my friends to when they pass to stop bye my place and knock the pen off the dollar. Hm want to see if that works. Have asked my sweet lady passers as they float away to make love to me before they move on to whatever they and we all face eventually.

Most said yes, couple lmao just said L:your not my type....LAMO I died when one told me that. I was like but, baby you'll be dead, you know ghost and all that. The other one said and she giggled when she, "said not even if I'm dead Fred will you get head". LOL, gawd I still miss her she was fun at Starbucks. We would sometimes just randomly fling little raw sugar packets at passerby's and than act all gang like when they looked back. I love people their so nice. I feel alive now and at peace. I know what I'm do to all or whats left whit whatever time I have left. Its to be of service to my fellow man. I dont have to like him or even fucking talk to him. Just be of service.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Vatican said I can come home now

Yea what a day man. Made love to a knockout today a total stranger but now a bestest friend. A mutual bud of ours just passed. Spoke to his wife. In the scheme of things am nothing but a bugs head lice but to hear a wife of a good man that I barelu knew tell me that omfg hold on brb fuckam balling like a baby Jesus Robbie and Nikki my kids you have no idea what I have become.

am a sexual weirdo but I can't help it.

Been helping termies lately. Why not we're all terminally if you really think about it. So gaming this bald hot little cancerette. So I tell her joking that sex with the almost to be dead must rock. She asked me why I said that. Told her about a movie that basically changed my life. Brad pits Fight Club. Told her of a scene in which a bald girl like her in movie tells support group that she will be dead in a few months and all she wants is not to die a virgin and literally begs somebody anybody in group to make love to her. So my little C girl tells me with a smile that shit bro made me freeze, she leaned over and whispers "I ain't a virgin", don't know if it was the heat of the chemo radiation shit off her face or her breath but I kissed her, man grabbed her by her neck and totally tongued her deep.

She just dropped me off, her mom should be home in a couple hours, my girls 22 years old and fuck it all/// it isn't fair, she'll be gone in a few months. I wish I could be that guy that knew what to do, but I don't. The sex was good she cried a little after she came. We hugged and told her what some of my family members looked like and to look them up when she got to Heaven they will show her the ropes and chit.We loled a lot today and I cooked her supper. Now am back at my place and an totally tripping on her. FUCK I KNEW SOMETHING LIKE THIS WAS YET TO HAPPEN AND NOW IT DID!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ladies its true we feel that way after

word among termies (terminally ill) that I'm the last shot at a money train before last stop, gee no pressure. To my buds lol, the walking dead buckle up babies Daddy taking ya bitches on the money train. We heading right now!!!!!!!! Update: Good Morning!6:23am Monday. My charges, My friends..My Family we have arrived at the Promised Land..check your accounts. heheheh am I not hmmm, truly, intensely,  magnificent? ^_=

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pssst, pass it down.

Lunar eclipse Monday 12:30 or so gonna view it with binoculars M gave me lol.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

They Killed Steve!! ITS WAR!!!!!

Steve was a decent being always ready to smile and help out moving stuff. Remember I took him on date once. Yea date went really bad when I thought it was cool to come out and intorduce him to date..yea went bad..bad!!!
Women can be "Steve Intolerant"

When Steve and I first met was kinda magical. He just stood there looking up at me at top of my boot(*see pic below) and I remember way he said, "Sup Bro"

then tragedy struck and it hit me deep. Steve was murdered.

Now am without my friend and I miss him.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I create something from nothing. Its what I do.

When making money for a client who really needed it. This song plays in the background all day. 
I create something from nothing. Its what I do.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I better walk am nervousy

Yea am nervous!! Trading for alot of folks right now. Took a break to blog myself a nervous breakdown LOL!!Have this young babe after me but shes doing it wrong. Playing hard to get doesn't work on me anymore. If I have to so much as dial your number on cell it ain't gonna work out. Am the kind of guy you have to do like Sandy did once. Just show up and slip into bed next to me anything else, is plain just stupid boring Love American style.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not even warmz yet..yawn

Had a few like above but the trade was a couple grand per investment trade. ahh yea..
Killer Review of Plenty of Fish  am mentioned down below in highlight.

I’m going to leap to PoF’s defence by stating that most people that flock there are propelled by the infantile notion that by simply creating a profile, and sending off a few hopeful messages, that all of life’s love-related problems will be addressed within a day or two.
There’s a simple answer, and it’s called Knapp’s Relational Escalation Model. It applies equally to all social settings, and PoF is not immune to its influence. The Escalation Model states that the probability that a relationship will progress beyond first contact is virtually zero.
This model applies to all social scenarios: friendships, intimate relationships, business associations, etc. If this model didn’t apply, we’d form hard and fast relationships with anyone we came into contact with during the day. The moment we struck-up a casual conversation with the cashier at the gas bar, we’d suddenly have a friend for life. Saying hello to the paperboy in the morning would immediately lead to having him and his family over for dinner later that evening. Do any of these scenarios sound plausible? Well, this is the error propagated through these reviews. That one will instantly find the love of their life with the first attempt to contact a total stranger.
Another point: Rejection. It’s not an environment for the thin-skinned and timid. Finding a life partner has always been a brutal occupation. As I mentioned above, you will be rejected 9/10 times during the initial contact stage. You will be rejected 9/10 times during the dating phase. If you should have the good fortune of finding someone agreeable, and commence a relationship, the odds are slim that the union will progress beyond the magic 3-6 month mark, and you’ll quickly find yourself back at square one again.
However, PoF does have a notably deficiency which further reduces the odds of success:
It attracts the wrong sort of person. The theme that emerges from my dates, and it is one that permeates through the men’s negative reviews of PoF, is that you will most likely encounter a person dealing with significant personal issues. Most of the women I met/dated were fresh from a disastrous relationship, and were using PoF not with the intention of finding a long-term partner, but to feed their wounded egos. A woman emerging from a long-term relationship in which she was ignored/abused, is surprised to suddenly discover that she is the star of the show on PoF, and basks in the limelight. She suddenly enters a ‘girls gone wild’ mindset and dates/screws anyone that comes into her field of vision. I maintained friendships with one or two of these women after the fact, and they’d regale me with the tales of their various conquests, shamelessly having relationships with multiple men at the same time. The poor saps had no idea that they were being fiddled. That they were simply being used.
These sorts of women stay on PoF for years at a time until their market value inevitably falls to zero through all that hard living. These sort of women were the bulk of my experience.
And then we have the women looking for a surrogate father, the women looking for a sugar daddy, the emotionally damaged, etc. Not a wonderful mix of entrants, so the odds of success are definitely stacked against you.
And for the women? Well, their task is both hard and easy at the same time. Most of the men on PoF are married, or single and looking for a quick screw. My female friends tell me their horror stories with men on PoF, and they do have just cause to be very discriminating when selecting a potential partner. They tell me that most of the men they encounter are either incredibly horny<---- moi, or incredibly nuts.<------yea and me too
PoF does work, but you have to be realistic: Things don’t happen overnight, the process is not easy, the odds of success are small, and you are going to get hurt time and time again until the right partner comes along to make the whole journey worth the effort and pain.

Be a Man Don't take it anymore!

 Well clearly am on right track again. Took me almost 3 years to get here. Am Faster, hotter and well just one hell of a fucking bitching dude. Dated hotties, lived with a gorgeous dab of a woman, Now have morphed again into some new kind of creature. I head out to Italy soon and well am bringing back a young finger licking Italian honey. Minute she she gets transformed by the evil demon of American Woman Equality. I will drive"US" to the United States Border down at San Diego and Mexico. Take her into a nice restaurant, have a delicious Lobster lunch. Then during the grubbing, I excuse myself that we left stuff in car. Yea, when I back out of restaurant parking lot. I'll be smiling as I leave leave her Equality induced ass inside the restaurant on the Mexican side of the border and drive slowly back home, alone LOL!. The "I am equal and not a sex object anymore bitch" can explain to Mexican and USA immigration officials how "her" new found American woman equality allows that sweet ass AND HER expired VISA , back into the USA Border. Yea I changed alright. Ladies your right, nice guys finish last.
I became an American Asshole.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Am going to explode!

Tomorrow I trade for a hand full of Clients on  DEVICE I invented call the money train. They will fund their account with just 200 bucks I will turn it into $2,941. in 5 hours. My commission is 20% about 600 bucks or little less. Not only am I nervous but am rolling out a new program from I guess fuckers who want a stroke. Called the Bullet Train. You invest $1000. and I return you $14,441.00 yup in 5 HOURS! 14 Grand baby! I make like 2-3k per account. Yea my poor little heart broke this year and what came out was a money monster.

I have fought Bulls in a cheesy little bullring in slymar, lived with & broken up with a former movie star. Worked as a kitchen prep cook on Venice beach slept with pretty women for almost 3 years. Even if I lose these folks bread its not a lot and I made money on commission fees like trade fees and misc fees. Not to mention the brokerage house owes me several thousand for bringing in investors to trade with. Its that I found my place now. I turned down a date today with a dream babe I mean like mad hot. Why? cause I had to rush home and get ready for tomorrows trades. Its a battle and I will win this war. Women no longer mean anything to me like they use too. Am off to Italy full steam. Boys in Israel want my ass bad there for January see If they give me my own label? rofl Boys I am the fucking Label!! lmao we shall see huh. I look fucking hot and more importantly Its better to look good than feel good...Fernando Lamas! rocks baby!!

Regarding that hottie today shes like 42 and told me at vons that I reminded her of Kojak,telly savales. I was so crushed and I said you mean I look all mean and gruff? she smiled and touched my hand and said nah you look cool and fun to be with. LOL I was like wow and dudes in back were like hey bro I think she wants to go out? I looked at the girl and choked on my coffee and came out of shock and gave her my card and stuff. She called and I bounced out of a great time. lol I guess. Fuck I would do anything to be with Sandy. How can I still love her? wtf man!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alley Cat licks paws.

Of all the girls I've known past 2.5 years Manami has been with me throughout my adventures. Shes been calling me almost everyday. Yea way too young 31, but lol what cool people young girls are. So fierce to defend you and stand bye you and yet so easily they can leave you. Wow I like Manami alot. Yet I want older more than anything. I want Passion and Love Violence. Huh? you say, love violence is when you love each other so hard you compete to see who can love harder.Gets Violent trust me.

Breaking my own records as I build a new offshoot of a old industry.   I am becoming a total street trader.Am rolling out a new campaign tonight should work, if it does wow its over. The transformation is now fully self-aware. Even now things are different, but dick no longer rules me.  I rule it. I know your like wtf man can't you control your penis? lmao CLEARLY PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON COULD NOT? so making a Yiddish accent "I'm supposed to" ?

Today as I traded and I lost a couple trades for folks here and there, but I win most of them.It dawned on me like a sunrise that I had replaced the intensity reserve for a live in relationship or any for that matter with a laser focus on business instead. I trip out at all that has happened and continues to grow and emerge.  Biz folks want me to travel to Israel in January am way into that badly. Gonna make love to a real Israeli and heck yea quick run and fuck right into Palestine as well and whoosh back over to the USA lol! Def stop by Egypt and well do what I was born to do. Explore and make love all over the world to every woman that lets me...:)


Will write bout Lady ? when I get back from walk. We spoke for 5 hours, all morning lol hmm, not a good thing for a guy that has sworn off women LMAO!! Already I feel my heart pumping and feel ticklish inside. Thats Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nah aint into it.

Somethings you never forget other you want to cause it hurts, but other memories you remember those moments daily. Honey "B" keeps hitting the cell and email here and there. Nah she lost me and this time "I didn't forget the gravy". Don't feel like tying that had or even at all. Figure if babe ain't taking me home then why the fuck bother.  Other day saw a profile of a sweet honey on plenty of fish. She said ""I know the difference of being alone and lonely". I thought wow the difference? lol your still looking at the ceiling lady and nobody is looking back. The difference is when you die, the cat will eat your face. THAT'S THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE.

Guess am  crabby as am nervous as the trip to Italy is hitting home now. Most people when traveling have a reason to come back to their point of departure their home. I don 't,  am a Man with a family or country for that matter as I have lost my concern for things of this immediate world. Prefer to live the moment and search for that thing. Am making kill money and I could do same maybe even better in Italy than here. Am nervous cause if I find her in Italy, know Ill bring her back or I will stay there.

Last night I heard a song Sandy sang to me once while she danced with me lips to lips. Dam can't remember such a magically romantic slow motion moment in my life/ I know if I called her and she said hmm, come over I would abandon everything planned. That's how I know I am not ready for a American sweetheart.

In America you as a man are supposed to love yourself more than the woman you give yourself too. Of course I understand the concept of love yourself as only then you can love DUH.. Its not about that. Its about as a Man we have a Duty a genetic predisposition to always be of help and improvement be it in protection, providing or any action that lends value to a woman's life. So no woman can be equal to man as she is a different being, our focus as men should be not to promote and her hand a Her a false hope of equality but rather make sure she is abuse free and fully protected so she feels no need for a Man dedicated equality handed down to her to live by as her own person. God chose Woman to deliver His Son. No Holier being can there be a than a Woman.

By now I have tried many women, all flavors,shapes,sizes and temperaments. Lol each one priceless and magically delicious and those that I cant remember well maybe one day I'll recall our moment. Way I figure Ill land in Rome chill a few days. Then head to coast maybe if more biz came in, bounce on a Cruise, invade Sicily and Naples . Even as I write this I hear a song by fergie called big girls don't cry. Sandy sang it to me on fist date in my apt. She sang it to me as she had her arms wrapped around my neck as she stood looking up at me with her huge brown eyes. I have never have know such rapture as when I looked at her eye to eye. Wow God save me if she was my ticket out of Hell cause shes gone.

Well Peter get your score book out cause this son of bitch is coming home and I want my Sword, Fashion and Women. RAWR!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yea best you stay right over there...

[Ludadris intro]
Now I might not be the worst of the best but you gotta respect my honesty so let me break your heart but I dont think theres anybody as bomb as me so you can take this chance and everybodys gonna be wonderin how you feel you might say this is Ludacris but Taio Cruz tell her how you feel.

Now listen to me baby
Before I love and leave ya
They call me heart breaker
I don't wanna deceive ya

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
Imma tear you apart
Told you from the start,
Baby from the start.

I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart. (x4)

Woah Woah

Theres no point tryin to hide it
No point trying to evade it
I know I gotta problem
By doin misbehaving

If you fall for me
I'm not easy to please
Taio Cruz Break Your Heart lyrics found on

Imma tear you apart
Told you from the start,
Baby from the start.

I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart.
I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart.
I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart.
I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart. )

Woah woah

And I know karmas gonna get
Me back for being so cold.
Like a big bad wolf im born
To be bad an bad to the bone.
If you fall for me
Imma gonna tear you apart
Told you from the start

I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart.
I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart.
I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart.
I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart.

Woah woah

Friday, December 3, 2010

Lol this crap worked lmao

Lol maybe am smarter,colder or jaded,but after The bank told me that Lady M had committed suicide. My brain broke in a way. Of course I was ecstatic when I found out it was a mistake on tha banks part. Yet something snapped in me. No Woman will ever hold my heart like that again. So am waiting for my money and baby I head off to ITALY!!  Heres my new POF of fish am getting calls already on it, just well I don't care about American woman anymore. Too cold and equality minded and sorry I like soft feminine damsels in distress kind of woman.
Plenty of new profile below..

Well in this point in my life am looking for a best friend with a bra I guess lmao!! Lol just kidding I was married for 30 years, so no commitment issues and in case you think I was the quitter nah I divorced her for cheating. So now am looking for a honest Woman that wants to share life and all the fun possibilities that it holds. A sweet smile that likes to get tickled in bed and wake up to a full on man making her breakfast and treating her like a Queen. Am into full blown public displays of affection. I have traveled around the world and well I really dont care what other people think because the truth of the matter I live for myself anf what we both feel not what some stranger you'll never seen again,"may think of you".If we hit it off,am the kind of guy that calls ya and tells ya I have tickets to the Met be it in Rome or NYC. My life holds adventures in every turn and twist and I fear no man or animal,yea nothing in life, but I do fear a life without the right woman's smile to lite up my way. If your sweet, affectionate, and love being treated like a masterpiece call me. I know sounds weird but I have met women that like to be treated like crap. Sorry am more a Cary Grant kinda of a guy and not a Mickey Rourke dude.

60 Years Later..

My Aunt Rosa at 17

My Aunt Rosa at 80

Monday, November 29, 2010

I like it when a girl chases me.

Yesterday Sunday morning I got a email from a plenty of fish girl ,met in October was back again. Was like omg wow. See I had met Bernadette one of the many times,had broken up with Lady M. In fact I had breakfast as a first date one the morning of the Oct 16th day M broke up with me, see post here of that day,  dont even want to remember that day. Still get mad and hurt over it. See the following Sunday Lady M showed up with cops to get her things from apt. Would like to say one fucking right now to you ladies. If you know the guy your dating kills monsters and you know this and even accept this. Whats makes you think he would hurt you now? Did you not sleep with him for months? Wow so you destroy a few pedophiles, a serial killer it does Not make ok? LABELS!!!!! I didnt know M was showing up at that time and well Bernadette came bye to pick me up for our date.

Keep in mind was supposed to be on a cruise on same day with Lady M. Now as I headed down the stairs sad bout Lady M but interested and a little amused that, already had a 38 year old waiting for me outside. She was hot, tight little slim body and long hair. Was bummed though. as I headed off off to main gate and there is lady M coming in with 2 cops. My heat fell so hard. It wasn't the cops that had me sad. I knew them and knew it would go bad for Lady M from that point on and it did. They rushed her along to grab her things and rightly so, as shootings had taken place and they were needed for real emergencies. At same time Bernadette texts me," hey Hon is that black girl the girl you broke up with and cops are in your place too?". I texted back, "look darling drama is part of my everyday life and you might as well know it.

This kind of stuff happens all the time. She text-ed back," hmm I like you so Ill wait outside for you". Was so stunned. Here I was ending a relationship to my total surprise but in a way not, upstairs with a girl I had lived with 6 months and same time I had a honey 10 yeas younger than me waiting outside. So as Lady M packed stuff  in tiny suitcases in her car. She must have hated me as I stood there joking with the cops she had brought. As she left and drove away I had to force back the tears. I walked over to my date foe the night and we took off to Doughboys. A restaurateu Lady M and her brother had taken me to. I met congressman Henry Waxman and his wife. When she took me home my game was way off and didn't even feel like kissing or playing the game. I was really sad over M. So Benedetta tells me lets go out for Halloween. I was like ok so we made a date. Later that week I was depressed over M,

I canceled and decided to get drunk instead. Bendatee texted me back really mad about canceling and even added that I wasn't even her type. Well fast forward to Sunday 1am. I get a email from Bernadette saying she saw my bullfighting videos on youtubel and wanted me really bad. I was well Doll I quit that and maybe already gained 4.5 lbs lol. She was like hmm juno video email me? I was hell I dont know how. So she sent me a vid of her in a sexy clothes, well that night I learned how to use Juno email. Now I have a date with her on Wednesday.

I love younger woman they are so tight and slippery lol. Lets see though, am burnt out on relationships. I want to leave for Italy am done with American women. Yes am a controller and its how I roll.  I am the fucking boss and that's how it is, You can have whatever you want me as long at the end of the day you bow my way and say, "yes meh lord". Girl says that to me with he actions and love style and yea Whatever you want my Queen. And yes Lady M I did love you in my alley cat of a way, so now you can understand and feel what I felt for Sandy. Freaking Sandy I can't get her out of my veins or thoughts. Jesus man I only knew her for a just few months but goddamn I cant stop fucking myself up with women over her. Lady M said in a goodbye email that I would bring up Sandy s name a lot and even said it once while we made love..oops.

At Smart and Final when I was with Sandy shopping for food. She took the shopping cart away from me and said," my man doesn't push a cart that's why he has me". I was so floored by that. I fell so deeply in love with Sandy. To this very second. I want her so badly. If she didn't have kids I would on my life kidnap her and keep forever in the hills of Spain as my love prisoner lmao even told her I should make clones of her so I could raise an army of Sandy's to serve my bidding. She laughed and said I was insane.  Am crazy about her still. Once after making love to Sandy the next day I was so fucking happy,actually danced down the street like gene kellys dancing in the rain.

I want to call her at wok and ask her if shes free but am so scared shes gonna say fuck off or shes married or something like that. Figure I'll call her when I have the plane ticket money in hand so if she says fuck off well no problem hop skip and off to Rome, but if she says yes? lol I will move to hacienda heights and court her her until shes my wife. To the day I die Sandy I adore you.

Lady M one of the pics you found is this one. Baby the cops dont care am like waste management for them trust me they dont care. To you pedos here is one of your kind..He pissed me off and tore his ass out of his car. Destroy a child and as Gods my witness nothing of this Earth will save you from me. Now am heading to riches and weapons and tools of b iblical deliverece honed by the stone of pain have been crafted for you. I will wear your rotting skin when I get knighted by the Holy Father. 
I serve Peter and the Children will be left alone!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saddle up Boys..Girls in Town..RAWR!

profile at plenty OF
This Profile took a lifetime to write. Have the traveling wanderlust set on a quick horizon. If you like adventure and fun.   Its time to head off to Rome. Lets get to know each other maybe we fly there together. Life is too short to say no all the time. Live it Girl don't just dream it and sigh it away.

I represent rebuilding a Kingdom...Am all about living the life and enjoying every quiet moment in its own explosive way. Looking to jump out of bed mornings excited to be be deeply involved again. The deal is took 2.4 yeas to get here. Have placed my Crown back on again. Finally have found that sweet spot again. I look at the ocean and see no fish, but loving and beautiful Mermaids. Lets go girl. No more sad times or wondering in the dark if that special guy is out there. I 'm right here Darling.

Lets laugh at life and accept its grace with wonder but I need That special smile, that only a fair Lass can bestow on a mortal.... Call me and lets get found.  Like to dance here and there so even if you don't know how, no worries I'll swing you like the wind at Skinny's or Tokyo dells. Been all over the world and taken over 40 cruises, in other words ain't a couch potato. My superpower? make things happen and for past 25 years was  foremost hunter of white collar criminals. Now I make small fortunes or least try as a day trader and its doing well thanks!

Probably the LA Art museum if you dont mind, dinner and fun talk. Sweetheart please like to dance cause that's who I am. Just retired from Bullfighting, got my butt kicked too much lol.. dam bulls! no worries none were ever hurt. I love animals, would never hurt a four legged friend. So that's why please like to dance as I have lots of energy lol!! oh yea love coffee can ya tell.... More Coffee!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Strikes a Pose ^_-

Wow man!! How cool to wake up all excited about conquering the day. Haven t felt that in decades.Trip to Rome has me all excited for that to happen 2 accounts have to payoff what they owe. So far so good. Trick is while am gone to time that I am away from markets as little as possible. I will be trading over 100 accounts of mine while I trip out in Rome. See reason Male superstar like Clint Eastwood and others like him are popular is many men well stat out like me. We meet  childhood sweetheart, we fall deeply in love get married and 27 years late after a divorce, kids,cats and the whole family life, here you are writing on a blog. Doesn't matter if people read this or not. Its me I read it and kids will read it. I existed.

Back again to popular hero see they get to live a life most men will never have a chance to play out if even they want to. Well now I. that guy day trader. I turn chit into gold and am heading to self aware town by the second. Its like a superhero movie whee he looks at arm and sees a glow spreading over him. Have had money in past year or so in spurts,but I thew it away was just too into life after divorce, even though I filed for the divorce the impact of seeing the kids well young adults, but always babies in my eyes get ripped apart still hits me hard. Now I have better than money I have knowledge, like knowing how to make fire. With that sliver of treasure I head off into the night and onto a new future. This time I wont throw my money away. Luxury goes to the poor and then later to the grave. I travel to Rome again to kneel before Peter and prove my life and forever pledge my bravery to the Church. Yea also to get laid basically every day while am there.
Come on!! I ain't a Saint lmao!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yea am a Mastermind..its what I do

wow SO APPARENTLY AM HEADING OFF TO Italy DEC 22- JAN 3 LOL LMAO who the fuck knew what a evil mastermind lurked behind this wickedly handsome smile. lmao My brain broke when I saw my bank account. lmao man! aint rich not at all, that I even have a account after the brutal divorce ex wife and I had. My heart broke when Sandy and I broke apart to this very second I always think of her. Then countless women later I met and moved in with Marianna and well that collapsed. Well now I stand a Mans man almost 3 years to get here. I have fought bulls and have it on film and pics,but more importantly I have that conquered fear captured in my being.

Nothing can kill me Man or Beast. I have been blessed with a immorality for what only God knows. Two months ago  I was praying to God not to get fired from a job as asst to a asst to the prep cook..rofl. Now am lending 5k to some lady so she can open a restaurant in Palmdale.  I have opened my own brokerage house and have invented mathematical formulas to grant me the superpower to jump in hugging a heartbeat as a pillow and land in front of the DOW and for a second that lasts a Universes Creation. I can  with certainty tell ya where the DOW will go in next few seconds.Daily I wake up and make people wealthier than the day before at same time I enrich my self by serving my clients to my very best. I have yeas of knowledge and experience and mainly the street smarts to understand the meanest street of em all. Wall Street.

Now I head off To Italy of course I would have sold my soul to be going with sandy but that's how it is and will be. I can't wait  will be even be making money on the air France plane that takes me there as well as the hotels I stay at. I will be the perfect weight. I walk daily 2-3miles and lift weights. Not going to have sex until I get there and then I will make love to every woman I can everywhere. Making sure that I spend the new year there too. If I can find a decent wireless connection hell who knows maybe even stay longer. See I am so fucking special my love is pure and passionate. I hate schemes and planners. Will I find "her" in Italy?
Well I sure as fuck can't find her here. Anyways I always liked Italian imports. I know I' Man enough, but will I have the passion for a Italian woman. Hmm we shall see. I will post pics here of trip. (ROFL I counted like 50 I's above hmm OMG am, _"I-Self Absorbed".)..LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy if you still visit this blog Hell Doll get hold me if you want. If you don't well Darling thank you for letting me in you life. It was Magical like Baxter.

My Hood

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sometimees Ideas hit ya right after sex.

So I was thinking outside last night about this and that and then the idea hit me. I should hmm be ugly sick rich by December I guess.. heheh sigh. The fun time with Sweet S not only soothed my sexy desires but dam man it made me whole again LOL

Monday, November 22, 2010

I fear nothing!!!!!!

So my daughter calls me 20 mins before I enter the ring she says, "Daddy don't please". Told her if she had called me months ago I would have stopped. Something happened after Marianna broke up with me. I knew then, that life was to be enjoyed and never to settle again. Took a pic of bull and sms it to my Daughter and Son.

I walked over to bullpen and to the trainers shock and horror I shot a huge ass rubber-band at the bulls nose. That fucker had a cow..get it? LMAO THE BULL HAD A COW OMG ROFL!! Anyways the trainer told me that bastard gonna kill ya now. Told the trainer,you promise? Don't know about you, but when a crowd chants your name, hell man even your balls tingle lmao. That silly bull weighed 1600 lbs if a pound. He came at me hard and for 13 minutes I knew total Macho Bliss. The crowd screamed OLE on every Pass. Then I did it what I have fantasized, daydreamed and finally realistically planned. I knelt before the beast. I was 5 feet away from it. I spread my vest like the Matadors in Spain. The crowd at that instant became mine forever.

I painted my kill zone on his back as he charged me and he was dead. Well he really wasn't dead, but I hit the heart with paintbrush stick rod. It's the way the women look at you when you strike your poses as you pass the bull, but more importantly the Hawk pose, that lands you the women. Sweet S left the stands before I came out. The trainer handed me her note. She was leaving me, said she couldn't take it if something happened to me cause we had made love for hours the night before. Guess another guy would have been bummed as she was a great time in bed. I had a handful of "Bless Me Cards" as they are called, but basically they mean "Hombre I am yours... call me". Considering I had screwed the night before like a rabbit I was beat. Besides all I could do was send the pics my staff had taken of me fighting to my kids. LMAO My ex wife must be dam!! ROFL.

The trainer told me something that well has had me thinking for a bit all day. He said Amigo you have a death-wish don't come back this is a sport and not a personal highway to find my place in Hell with. Told him yea. So I gave back my suit, cape and took my bullfighting pics with me home. Today I made some serious coin not to mention my investors made out like bandits. I have a gift. I intend to enrich myself. No longer do I need to go back to Spain. I ready myself for Italy and my full Knighthood. I will search and capture my future wife in Rome. I can feel it in my heart. I wish none of these weak minded women who consider themselves equal to a man. Stupid selfish women who won't fight for their men, but instead fight for the right to be alone and raise children fatherless and without boundaries. You won't catch me dead with a American selfish cold hearted woman ever again.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In 30 mins I face a reall Bull

Am so wasted in pic lmao!!
 Figure I may die like in half hour so I better say something mostly for my kids. Nikkie and Robby looks at your phones thats the bull am taking on in a bit. I love you kids I have to do this sorry I know considering you guys know me as the dad I was I am this guy now. I love you little monkeys like nothing in this world. Tell Mom I loved her once but will always remember as a good friend and much more. To my bloggers crap am so fucking scared lmao!! Last night I took Renee to Skinny s and we had dinner at Smoke House she took me to her place in Ventura county and I spent the night. Shee had me wear my matador suit, got it yesterday and she made love to me like wow until dawn. Am weak kneeded and well hungover!!! we had wine. Well shes in stands and is filming me Lol don't have a clue whats gonna happens next but Dear God I turn my Soul and care of my kids to your Creating Hand take care of them Lord. Bye Lady M and Sandy if I don'i make it know that my last words were I love you Sandy

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Have a Date with Renee

Ok lets see where this goes, am really leery after Lady M of even saying I like you let alone the L word. So lets see what she likes. Have to figure shes doing abot 150 mile round trip to see m,e so I figure that means alot. Tomorrows freaking bull is HUGE.!Trainer just sent me the photo of it and the ucker painted my name on Bulls side with white paint. He texted me saying if you don't want to fight we understand,  I shot back that's a bull? Lol Master I thought that was a fat goat. He texted back,"Son Pray that it rains..Pray"..
I loled back, but right now am at my laptop trembling...LOL! I think that a corvette and a 24 year old babe would have been a safer way to deal with my midlife crisis..shrugs

Friday, November 19, 2010

Am billing

Ye my crew made dough for everybody including ourselves. Nice figures.  Now am into heading to Europe full force. I could do this from any spot on earth.  10 more pounds am at the tight weight yet its the holidays and pplz get blues...yea. Am so immersed in  my work that well never done that before. Usually had a wife and kids to force you back to the land of living. Now nobody stops me. I just go on for hours. I can feel my brain cracking as I turn into something i never was before in these past 27 years of marriage. My own person. I am literally building a financial powerhouse. Soon Ill have my own white Label. I speak to tons of people now daily all across the globe. I make business deals in a snap. I show folks that trust should never be a business option but a given in order to cook deal better like olive oil sizzling. People are running to me now. I got several emails of cleints asking how to pay me.. Lol I remember chasing lawyers years ago at prestige minded law-firms to get paid for hunting down white collar criminals. Now I am being chased by customers who want to pay me.

I Monday I start to show my account and the results of my trading for my personal gain. Am going to book soon a Hilton or holiday inn and hold a crowd show and  make people rich. I'm going to be the johnny Appleseed of Money Ideas and income producing plans.  See the secret to this is so dam simple its all about America it really is. Just think on how to help in anyway the USA and you can not go wrong. This is not about you or I. Its bigger. What will you do for the USA? how will God judge when he looks down upon you and who knows asks hey what did you do to make America better for the rest of the world?

Well Dear God I will do my best to make people incredibly rich and not for materialistic gains, but rather for the layers of good they will lay upon others. I know the people that you send me will be good and generous with others. This is my Sampson like strength. Now instead of killing a 1000's of Philistines, I'll slay 1000000 of money induced worries and marriage and couple fights born in the frustration for lack of money. If you knew me you would know that is not me. I fight bulls not make people rich as far as the bulls I tend to get carried away by the majesty of the fight but only been doing it since I moved here. like 3 weeks now.

I have traders calling me now from Chicago asking me to trade for them. These people invented the options game. I can now think in milliseconds. I can see profit when the market is collapsing. If the DOW is the checkers of wall street than NASDAQ is the chess of it. You have have just a few points to be wrong less leeway than the DOW. Bah I own the bloody thing and soon bulls will kneel before me as the NASDAQ knelt today.

Below is a clients who when he started figured he would lose his money like instantly.Yet fo past week hes been withdrawing money lmao I didn't know haven billed him at all dude owes me some coin by now lol. This is awesome look at the point spread how close I can get. Thats freaking laser pinpoint bombing bay. Except for a trade where the Dow tanked. Heheh couple folks lost bout 60 bucks no biggie but it was great to see rest make out bigtime.

Donalds SS I was actually dancing as I did these trades. Rest of guys were like hey man its his shop right? lol

I was the plane in movie 2012!!

Yup I felt like pilot in movie 2012 as Los Angeles just toppled over and they flew around and through it. I felt the same way as I took my investors tucked them into  my soul and led them through Wall Street as the Dow Jones lost more in a day than some countries can  make as GNP in years terms by the way. Thats who the fuck USA is..we be da bomb k!, befriend the United States make a friend of a lifetime. Hate and hurt us and you will feel our terrible Wrath. Yea that's right God birthed and left us in charge.  When DOW died on Monday. I gabbed each one of my tiny little investors and we flew through the carnage. Nobody spoke as we flew around the devastation. E-trade, schwab, lynch all deeply wounded. Guys at Goldman Sachs passed us in their giant flying survivor structure's with their industrial investors smugly sipping drinks deeply safely inside. The pilots smiled at me. I knew they were  hehe little train that could smiles. Yet my group was alive and I felt at that moment like Jack from a prior EX- girlfriend favorite show Lost, as I protected my survivors.

To take care of peoples money is a grave and most sobering experience. I look great again wounds healed, but I still feel little twangs for Lady M but they go away quick when I remember her games. Even though I have this Delicious blond after me. Hell I don't even have a car and shes coming from another county to pick me up. Everyday I think of Sandy I guess I really did fall in love with her. Am now officially 156 lbs mostly muscle.. When am 150 I'll take the hitchhiker pick me up test. Who knows what will happens. I Think I want a younger girl this time.  I really Like Sweet S, but shes 6 years older than me.

I'll never date a crazy professional single older girl. If you haven't been married or had kids forget it. I don't want to ever be with such a self adsorbed selfish woman again. I want a former Mom min former wife. This Sunday if that fucking bull drags my ass again, gonna go to Steveies car take out his homemade flame thrower and roast that old sack of bull meat so help me God!!! Meanwhile am practicing fighter poses. We supposed to mingle with ladies at events and pose for photo opps. Lol 3 years ago I used to look like Jabba the hut, now I strike Matador challenger poses and get cards from women LOL man.

I rather get dragged around by a pissed off bull than face the nasdaq when techs are falling like raindrops in Bangladesh. I stretch my hand out to you Goddess this Hercules knows he will make you happy see ya soon :)


Hmm lets see what happens today.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a day... stuck a deal with a cat in Israel that could me great dough. Was even invited to to hit Tel Avi and meet the rest of partners. I was like hmm ok lets see where it goes. I am all about short term. See the real money here SoCal will always be real estate so I just want cash to buy a couple apartment buildings and houses. Def some commercial real estate always deal to be found. so am am building cash fast trading binary options for regular folk like you and I. Get to speak to people from all over the USA I develop daily my own mathematical operations to share with my crew. I have a list of formulas that even am ready to trademark. All the while I take night classes in intermediate  BASIC MATH? LOL!!!!!!!!!! A angel has a right angel? lmao who knew? If these folks hold up their end of the deal Ill be fine and perhaps in Israel by January. I would dig being invited as a guest there. I know I'll get into trouble somehow I dont care. It would be a religious high.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I think am falling in love again..oh vey

 What a week! today had bullfighting class. Of all the girls I have known I would loved to have shown Sandy how sexy I looked getting my ass gored with rubber horns btw that chit hurts bigtime. This bull was bigger and he took me apart man. It was as though the bastard looked at me and said, "oh a mid lifer? seriously"? My Trainer likes the girl I am dating so he had me on webcam and she just scolded the crap out of me when I was done. She whispered like it was something deep she was appealing in me, as if I be happier not fighting, do you really need do this she asked, but it wasn't judgmental. It was the right tone that a best friend would ask. I stayed quiet. Have dropped all the rest of the ladies. I like Sweet S as I call her. I dig her attention always calling and texting never guilting me or gaming me. She used to have boyfriends from Italy maybe that's why shes so feminine.

This Saturday hopefully Ill take her to Bens funeral his dad passed on. I know considering we dont see each other much, well Ben is my best friend and thats how it is. Besides I no longer care about how girls see me. Something happened to me from the first bullfight. Its like I grew up or something, women no longer mean what they used to. I live for the cheering fans LMAO all 20 of them ROFL well 20 now later 100's in Spain. Like when I showed up to parking lot tonight couple of sweet ladies came to wish me well. I was like thanks ladies one a Realtor gave me her card and kissed the back and gave me a lipsticked biz card? That was my first. They give us loose fitting Matador suits.

Yet apparently I look hot in it as you could hear the girls cheer me on. Until the bull took me down and dragged my noobish ass all over the ring. This time the handlers came running guess It looked bad. I got up and bowed to my fans and walked over with blood pouring out of my nose and mouth smiling and bowed again to the floor. They went wild and screamed El Hombre Vive =The man lives. Some silly lady threw the whole vase at me with flowers and looked freaked she had done it. I caught the vase took out a rose and walked over gave it to her and the way she looked at me I had never seen before in all my life. She looked at me with slow motion joy so freaking glad to see me like we had been friends forever, not really love but like a mix of love and respectful happiness fo me at least whats what I vibed, even though she was a few ring stands away from me, she raised her solid white hand as to caress me. I struck the flare pose, took my time turning.

They, the crown might as well been Spain full of thousands cause it sounded like it. I became a Matador forever at this instant. I had found my place in this empty universe. People loved me for what I was and not what I had been. Yet had the bull torn my ears off?I was deaf? I could feel the roar of the crowd, a din of yelling and feel in the air the vibrations of foot stomping, but the pressure I guess of the moment or the shock of being trampled, I couldn't hear them. just, walked back to the pens.

I didn't limp or act hurt but when I got back to our rooms I just slumped over and my trainer caught me as I went down he told me you my friend will be a great Bullfighter for you know no fear and you fight for the crowd. Doctor came over and applies some compresses he said.Told me not to come back on Sunday to heal up. This time the other trainers came over and each used an old bull tail and wiped the blood off my face and they passed the tail around and kissed it. I was so touched and emotionally hyped, I had to turn away before before tears leaked out. I think I am falling for my girl she so sweet and considerate.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Am going to make love 2 myself am so fine!!

If I advance follow me
If I retreat kill me
If I die avenge me

To the Glory of Heaven and to the Cursed in Hell.

(Let The Trading Begin

As the Dow lost 2% of its value my clients made gobs of money and not on Put's... Geesh am a genius not a noob..put's my ass. CALLS BABY CAUSE I CAN SEE THE FUTURE BIATCH!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I meet her on Saturday for Dinner and Dance

Imagine the Prom Queen, the head cheerleader from your past. Being totally gaga over you. She totally changed when she saw me fight the for the noobs Bull. She acted like I was fighting Godzilla. She checked me for injuries and hugged me kissed me and cried. It was our first date and we would make love twice by the end of the day..She told me she would reach into hell and pull my ass out and kill me If I get hurt in Spain. Told nah baby am all bout being around forever for her. We both have it hard for each other.

Am taking her for Dinner and dancing at the Avalon in Hollywood. Shes like baby whatever you want I want. When I saw training films of her looking at me fighting the bull, she would bite on her hand as I would pass the bull over and over. Its true without a question women love Matadors and If I land her and make her mine whatever price I pay in the ring is nothing to have this trophy of a women in my arms. asked if she would do chariot races with me in Italy when we go and she said, "My King I serve at your leisure". I acted all nonchalant but inside I was screaming FUCKING YEA!! Shes so into me!!!!!!!! I have missed this kind of hardcore Love. Sandy was only girl that came this close.

Apparently am a financial genius? Am making people money as easy as warming up coffee in a Microwave.

Am a Love Addict!

 After Sweet S brought me back to my place. I was like wow. Never had so many pretty women actually want me. Naturally I figured I must have said something in my profile that was bringing them in. Then today it hit me today it was my profile bringing them in but it was my convos with them on phone making them come after me.Stacy called me tonight around 8:30 pm we hung up at 2:45 am. now shes the most dangerous of all these diamonds. See divorced women are very fine and know exactly what to say and do to enthrall you. yet Stacy is like Lady M and never married or lived with a guy for longer than 3 or so years.

See when a woman hasn't ever married or given birth she retains a girlish youngish attitude. Even though Lady wasn't in love with me she was fun to be with. Now Tracy is Jewish and just a blast to talk and wow I JUST HAVE TO MEET HER. We laughed for hours and talked lots of business of hers and mine. Now when I talk to a girl its the strangest thing they email me tons of pics as we talk. Nothing pornish but well showing figure though. This is the second time a honey with a Masters and a doctorate go for me. I'm a high school drop out as you can tell by my writing but am going for my ged this JANUARY heheh hence jetting to Spain to meet my Bull. I figure I don't want to die a high school dropout. Let my life be a reminder to my kids that fall down 7 times but get up 8.

btw On Wednesday will be 2 weeks since I moved here and left Lady M's apt. When I left I had 100 bucks in my pocket. Below is my total as of this morning.My Mom said I have found myself again. I guess shes right. Taken almost 3 years and over 30 women to finally get here again. I can make money again by just thinking it. Soon I'll be rich agin and this time Its gonna be different. This time Love and adoration of my Mate will be THE ORDER OF THE DAY. i WILL TAKE THAT lucky woman and travel all over the world and no adventure no deed for the good of all will be to small to undertake. I swore to you God to let me be your Sampson again. You have forgiven me and My Lord I will never disappoint you again. What I have I will give freely to those that have nothing. Please Father take care of my children. Let Lady M find what she seeks help Ben dearest Creator of all that lives and dies. Let me find her Lord let me love with out abandon again. I serve thee in my entirety, let my clients find Grace in their investments.

Ana texted me too while gamed Tracy. i mean Tracy is exactly my age but lmao shes like 35 in style and teasing me. I really like her alot. She said were going out next weekend. Then Sweet S texted me too asking me for more pics. I was like wtf man? I really aint much too look at and I am 49 with Grey hair. So I know now that I have changed mentally and emotionally. Although Stacy did ask me if I was over M, when I asked why she said you bring her up. Told her yea I was over her and I was like thats it.

Tracy is really into me. shes plays me well now that I think about it. Example she asked me early in our convo that she had seen my username at plenty of fish told her yea that I was flirting with a few. She asked me to send her pics of my favs,I did. We spoke for the next 5 hours. Heheh and I finally got these single women. I want Stacey she trips me out. Her talk style is like a cross between Peppermint Patty from Charlie  Brown to Merle Streep. Told her today my intentions towards her she was like ok.

Told Tracy I knew that this time I would only go for women that went 100% gaga for me.  She was like oh really, but like I told her since she was Jewish she only had to be 78% into me. She stayed quiet for like 5 seconds and then busted up like crazy. Yet Sweet S is madly hot and she surrendered herself to me twice. Ingrid called and I don't even want to hear that voice mail. Am very sad as you can tell. My best friend since i Was a kid Ben his Dad died today after a long fight with strokes and diabetes.

It was Ben who gave me the weights i LIFT DAILY. It has been Ben that when I was broke would spring feast for me at his restaurant so I would look good to my dates. My prayers and love to my only and I wouldn't WANT anybody else as my best friend. He was my best man when I got married 25 years ago. Ben TO YOU'RE DAD WE RAISE OUR HEARTS AND LOVE.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

and the Winner is......

 She won me. I mean look, I have a lot to offer am brave and well I'll love you deeply, if I do love you. This sweetheart was with me for hours on phone and wow shes so incredibly sweet and loving. It was her way she spoke Spanish to me that nailed me. Hell she didn't know what she was saying. At one point she called me a green lawnmower.LOL I died loling. We had a ball the whole afternoon.We met at Starbucks, some idiot was bothering her at the counter. So I step up to the punkass and tell him to take his rat ass outside and wait for me to teach him some manners. He fled, but I stayed behind feeling like an idiot. i used to do this for Lady M whenever I felt she was disrespected. Lady M didn't like it and I well I FELT  WHAT TRASH I MUST LOOK LIKE. dont even know this girl. She introduces herself and asks if I would like some coffee.
Tell her no thanks have a date in car waiting..INGRID!!. 15 mins later Ingrid walks in and finds us in corner making out like teenagers. She yells at me, "you just lost heaven asshole" and storms out.

Considering she was my ride and date. I turn look at my new friend and boom we lunge at each other. Now am writing this post from her laptop while she takes a shower. Am at her place and Christ this honey is absolutely amazing. When we showed up later to Ring at slymar I just had to show off and my trainer knew what I was up too. He gave me a nice bull and well I danced for like 10 mins and didn't get torn up. After my session. We made love in back of the bull pen near some ducks and wow man.

4.5 Hours wit German honey named Ingrid :)

It just hit me that ive been getting hit daily by 2-3 gils at plenty of fish. some are just turn into missed calls others I talk with. Last nights special flavor was Tasty Stacy really funny girl again never married or kids. So that youthful style again like Lady M. Tonight as I was spread sheeting I get hit on berry that a babe at pof has favorites me on some "hot list"? I mean am getting that much attention that I have emails now forwarded to berry. See its a big deal for a guy like. As when Lady M left me,I FIGURED IN A WAY i must have been an eyesore to look at. Easier to fault yourself in some way more than to believe she wasn't in love with you.  So girls I've been talking with nightly now are dam stunning. I kinda always saw myself as a Latin Jabba the Hut?

Today milestone in my life. I remember a yea when I was first dating Lady M. I asked her at a pollo loco dinner how long it would take her to move in with a guy she said I think 2-3 years. I remember choking on my drink as I laughed and said seriously?.I moved in with her like 3 months later. I would laugh about now if the memories of her face and looks didn't hurt like a mother fucker right now.

Anyways so i GET HIT,i log in to POF check who added me as a favorite. I laugh and say no way In fact I even get a little mad thinking frucking spammer. So as am writing this huge ass go to hell lying spamming hate email I get a IM request from same username. I 'm like alright mof its so on. 4 hours later Ingrid is asking me to consider moving in with her by April if things work out and we have chemistry. I was so like floored and stunned? I though rofl Lady M would have just fallen over  f I had said the same on our first phone call.

During this time were emailing pics back and forth and it hits me this is such a lie she cant be real. I mean look shes younger than me I mean freaking beautiful, black hair totally glowing white skin and BRIGHT GREEN EYES. I mean really on fire green bright. So after an hour into all this I say on phone Doll would you mind if we webcamned to be sure we're cool with our looks. I know, but I didn't know how else to say one no way you can be this hot and or Ingrid have you seen what I look like? We webcam and I have to hold onto the sides of my seat: shes like a model.  I act as cool as I can and say, "sup gurl" she says something in German while smiling and and her green lava fired eyes squinting. I ask huh? Yea I know Mr. smooth as always.

Shes says in a throaty medium German accented English. "Your so unbearably handsome". For the first time in 26 years since I was chased by some Dallas football linemen off the field for serving one of the halfbacks during practice some legal papers. My ears just clogged up? I couldn't hear a fucking thing for like I guess 1 minute. Just this ocean like roar. Well shes throwing pics at me of her at work she started there as a forklift driver, of course shes always like surrounded by a 1000 guys, shes now the manager there 4 years now, but I am just so lost now staring at her shes asking me to pose and stuff am so laughing. We finish on phone later. I look at profile again and see all the comments she has from I guess fellow dawgs. Am like wow Up to now no woman I've  talked to has been this been so madly beautiful. I know shallow but jesus she so fucking hot. Am tripping as I go to sleep. She already text-ed me while ago pic of her in bed with her poodle chicks man.

This thanksgiving I was planning on spending it alone, but maybe not after all.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I met a real Angel today.

 Update: last Monday I enrolled into a bullfighting school of all places here in the foothills totally against the law so I won't tell ya where. I got my ass dragged by a teen bull LOL!!!!!!!!!! I was really doing well untill I looked for just a spit second away and boom the little bastard knocked me down and stomped on me a bit and rolled me for a minute or 2. Most  of the trainers just stood there laughing their asses off. They told me if had been in Spain I would have been killed instantly. I was so excited about it. Was my first bull and am so hooked. So Tomorrow I go again they figure a month or 2 and am ready for my first rubber horned tipped bull. El Coser my trainer said I'm a natural but that I'm old though am 49. Yet he said I have incredibly speed and grace. I felt so dam proud. Cant post pics as its a felony to fight bulls in California.!!  Yea but a pedophile can live close to our kids schools but I can't fight a bull? WTF?!

Wow have been on Plenty of fish for past week and wow. I never have met so many killer women!! Met this totally rad honey that helps out with 1 pound babies. I think she is da bomb,shes hot and all that but to meet somebody that cares more for others than herself wow man. Thats what I 'm looking for in life that kind of best friend.

Friday, November 12, 2010 worked...Yawn..LOL

Ok only 14 made it to the promised land of the 19. The 5 decided to just take their profits and skipped away and already are sending me my cut. Keep in mind aside from these say 7 didn't even make it to Tuesday and got totally wiped out. Thats the nature of this bittersweet beast. Many will realize amazing gains but some will just lose whatever they invested. Its ok I lost too a couple times. How else could I know what to trade for my clients. How proud am I of myself. Ok if you go to the CBOE and look at top tabs labeled products. Click on it and you'll see among instruments, "weeklies Options".

The CBOE has a webcast with Charmian and vice chair of the CBOE and they discus weekly options and I quote the vice chair said,"Its like playing PacMan on the fourth level". He went to add only the most sophisticated trader should even attempt. Well..cough,,cough,, What I am investing in for my lucky clients are called Binary Options or Digital Options and they TRADE HOURLY NOT WEEKLY AND I INVEST WITHIN NANOSECONDS THAT'S MY STRATEGY. Yea lmao what a month to give up drinking lol. Yet am celebrating in my own way.

She says Hmm. I love that!!

 lil nervous in 2 mins 17 clients of mine could please God will be richer by 2k

I love that she says hmm a lot before talking. I sent her a pic of me all "metroed out" lmao! her reply below ..Dam am liking her!

 to me
show details 11:16 AM (1 minute ago) valleysuaverrrriiccoooo!! LOL!!

Lonely Thanksgiving

 Oh hell I could sleep with any honey here. I want to fall in love again...its so rocks Who will I end with? don't know,but I know it will be a sweet babe with a heart as big as her eyes. She has to out there and I will find her.

Wow love doesn't end..It changes into a pretty smile

I like her man I fucking like this one. We talk so easily and for hours man. I told her stuff already that I never showed Sandy or Lady M. She was good with it. Shes so sweet and considerate of my feelings./ LMAO when she called me a "Valley boy".ROFL into the Metro Look I was wtf is the metro look? Shes tall 5-9 without heals lmao I'm 5'9 5-10 with boots on. Shes says am a charmer and not like the girls am used to. So I asked if she could get freaky in bed she said yea. I was like then baby its on. She laughed and the way she laughs its such a girlish giggle. She so reminds me of Doris Day. I means so so freaking sweet withe things she says. I am beginning to like her. Yet she lives in Chino basically an hour away by car. I dont have a car! Lets see where this goes. Nothing nails my ass to the Love wall than a sweetie telling me nice things and teasing me. Drives me nuts.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rather be Gored that not be in Love.

The world was on fire
No one could save me but you.
Strange what desire will make foolish people do
I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you
And I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you

No, I don't want to fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]
No, I don't want to fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]
With you
With you

What a wicked game you play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you
What a wicked thing to say
You never felt this way
What a wicked thing to do
To make me dream of you
v And I don't wanna fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]
And I don't want to fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]

{World was on fire
No one could save me but you
Strange what desire will make foolish people do
I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you
I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you

No I don't wanna fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart
No I don't wanna fall in love
[This love is only gonna break your heart]
With you
With you

Nobody loves no one

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Soon I will dance with the Bull

Lady M I really loved you or as close as I have come to since Sandy.  Am so sorry it didn't work, I say this cause baby you were right, I am a financial mastermind. In 5 days I made almost 2k maybe working a couple hours a day. This is without counting  the 20% my clients owe me for making them gobs of cash. If I knew that you loved me I would come back for you. Doll Joe gave me the printouts of you since we moved in and baby you been fooling around with other guys since we its ok I was doing same with chicks too. I guess we both kinda knew it wasn't going to work out. Yet we had grins and fun times and I showed you my powers. I always wanted somebody to see what I could do when God turns me into Sampson and now you and the monsters I've send to hell know what I am.  I will be leaving the states soon as I need a vacation and I really want to make love to a Woman in every city in Europe. I like Ana, a girl I met at POF, but I doubt she can take off work. Its ok everyday day I turn into  cross between Gary Grant and Jerry Lewis LMAO! soon Ill be who I 'm supposed to be. Thank you Doll for seeing in me what I never saw.