Friday, December 11, 2009

Yea Women Worldwide...sigh

Want some really money saving advice? Kinda of advice that literally buys you an extra month of Paris and Rome? First of all if you never been to Europe, wow man its the BESTEST place on Earth. That's why 007 James Bond lives Upon landing in Rome, you'll feel the weight of the World lifted from you're shoulders. Our overworked conscience that does its best to guide us daily around, through our temptations, will marvel as our ever controlling ego, including the blindness and preconceived foolish ideals that lurk and at times speak for us...just die a horrid death of self awareness. Witness how all the qualities that weigh Men down, melt away as you are magically enveloped by the splendorous vision of Woman.

The advice I speak of is simple and very cost effective. Use priceline in Europe for mad savings. Before that look some guys can take you being a player and same for some ladies. Yet I think its wrong to tell a guy, you (a girl) loves him all the while your playing the field. Hell It doesn't matter me. After all, we're both looking for that FINAL clean loving score right? If we are true friends, we can overlook our forays into the area of "hey maybe this person is it, instead of me or her road"? Yet to tell a guy that you love him when he knows that not only its not true, but he can see you on another dating site (hehe I get a weekly history report of my pc) its kinda creepy man!!

I mean shes sweet, hot and fun to be with, but I rather be good Friends than where she was heading to. I figure if a honey I'm seeing is going to lie to me about her attached status, well best not to travel that road. Rather hear like, "ok dude your like only guy or maybe the 3rd dude". I'm cool with it lets just change some of the dynamics of the relationship so we "harvest"( lmao what a word) what we both enjoy of each others being. The alternative is to steer the friendship into a revolving, brief friendship. If its meant to be, it will be. Won't matter if your dating one dude and seeing me or dating the entire 7th fleet. - Discount Hotels in 63 Countries Worldwide

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