Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rope Swing Fail

Very Weird Story I tell, at least for me. Last weekend I spent it with Lady M until Sunday morning. Shes an incredible find, but she still doesn't get it that a weekend with me means; exactly that. Knifing me a day short is like shooing a sleepy alley cat away, he's going to find another friendly house to crash at. Yet I was like well hells bells, as I left her place and thought I'll hit the beach and do a few miles walking it.

As I head down little road down from ocean park down to PCH. Jenny calls me exactly as I was deeply thinking bout her. That wasn't weird and it always happens with us. What was really freaky was this. I busted a u-turn and picked up Jenny, she only lives maybe 10 mins or less from PCH. As we drove back to the beach she asked me why I hadn't picked up her calls this weekend. Even though women say their cool with you being free and all that "I ain't a possessive chick" disclaimers, its not true. At least Women I've dated. So I tell her I hung out with my "boys" at some tailgate party. This is where she nails my soul and heart right to the tree at beach.

Yea I know where theres a tree right on beach just few miles from sunset blvd intersecting PCH. Jenny goes on to tell me that she had something of a weird dream about me and a girl. The FREAKOUT is this. Jenny says that in her dream girl I was with was crying and I was hugging her. The Freakout?????????? That exactly happened the night before with Lady M as we went through a heavy moment. She cried and I hugged her..It was like Jenny was right there.

See my problem is this. Now that I've been only dating honeys half my age. You also feel more protective over them. I couldn't tell Jenny I was seeing somebody else, even though she kind of knows. So instead of the truth, I told her that I ran into some old friends and that one of them had gotten drunk and had cried to me at party. Reason I had to tell her that lie or anything at all, was that she was right about a girl and me in her dream. Reason is simple and goes beyond what I may gain or lose. She has a clairvoyant gift and a strong one at that. One day it could save her or family's life. So I had to tell her that she was right and that a girl was in my arms crying. Apparently It turned out ok, as she spent Sunday with me until dawn.

Its going to be a long time before I ever trust a woman with my heart. She can have my wallet, keys to my car and apartment, but never will she hold sway over my Heart. To every Honey reading my blog that has been touched and kissed me back. Thank you, but I travel alone from now on.

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