Monday, December 14, 2009

She saved me...again

So there I was at skinny's getting a group ready to head back to my apt for a mad orgy and I guess I was a little sad at how my sex life had changed so drastically. After all who doesn't want to be innocent and wide eyed again. Edgar and I had a small group ready and as we stood on sidewalk with rainfall all around us. I stood against wall watching Edgar giving directions on how to get to my place in in the unlikely event they get lost, lol they never ever got lost on the way to a roman style orgy lmao. As I stood there with the the two that were mine for the night. I felt such an incredible sadness overtake me. Enough that, I excused myself and pretended to buy a hotdog couple 100 feet away.

As I stood under cart umbrella, I held back tightly the rush of emotions that suddenly hit me my soul like a tour bus in Piccadilly square. (BTW I did the bus thing 6 years ago and as you can plainly read I still am alive). As I stood there looking at my young group of folks laughing and excited bout what they were going to do. I overheard one babe yell to another couple passing by to join them for their own version of Melrose Place? I assumed its a porn or tv show. I stood there smiling look at my little group of horned out couples. I thought this was now my life. The alternative is a lonely life in an apartment watching as age rushes in like frigid waters flooding a sinking cruise liner.

My cell rang and it changed my life. It was lady "M" calling me at 1:00 am. I grabbed the fucking phone so fast that it fell into a vat of mustard at the hotdog stand. I was so happy to hear her sweet little voice. Told her my car was fucked up, yea the wipers had broken and well it was going to be one hell of a trip back home, but rain had stopped for a bit. She said she would pick me up and my heart so fucking skipped. I ran to my car told Edgar to get his people ready like right then and there, he did, We came back to my place and I packed an overnight bag as fast as possible. Edgar and Jenny couldn't believe that I was bouncing out of an ORGYand exchanging it for a relationship that was barely taking off. I just laughed as I packed my shit and they both followed me out to see who the fuck this lady was. When they saw us embrace in car they both smiled at me gave me a thumbs up and they went back inside. I took off with Lady "M". I was so gawdam happy to be with her. I felt that she had saved me from myself and I was grateful as a man and as her friend. We talked and kissed that night and I fell deeply in love with her.

Next day as she ate lunch. I asked her if she would like to move in together. She was shocked and said we only knew each other 3 months. I laughed and said, "yea but I want you to marry me". Yea she was a little floored. Shes been single all her life and has a heart of steel and doesn't easily bend, but as God is my witness shes the prettiest woman that's ever lived and her way takes my breath away. Don't even get me started on her fine body. Will she marry or even move in with me? I don't know but to tell you guys the truth, for this girl I'm ready to fight life and everything it brings us as I'm crazy about her.

Thats why I kill this blog today as she read some excerpts and was hurt by it that she cried in her car as I stood there trying to make her feel better. I never want to see her cry like that again over something I wrote so with a simple push of a button I murder this blog and quit blogging. She played the videos above and my dark heart was swallowed whole by my lady's sweet soul, as I saw her smile looking at video. I knew then and there that no where on this earth was there a noble and finer woman than the one that floated before me looking at video. Lady"M" am coming for you Darling your life has changed me for the better and my love for you and about you will change yours as well.

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