Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hard 2 get is Everything.

Observations of a "player"? If you want to score tons of hot chicks and endless supply at that. Here is what works for me. Get something your really good at socially, mines dancing and flirting. Now run with it whatever it may be, cause that's really you and not some fake job. Now here comes the hard part, but son get it down and you'll always have women. Keep in mind this first and you will be fine. Remember forever that you will always see Beautiful Women with ugly trolls, but you will never see a guy with ugly women (personally I feel ugly women don't exist, their all gorgeous).

I can only speak for myself and to the dudes that emailed me, "how can we get some too" Here is what works for me. PLAY HARD TO GET..... TO A POINT. You ever go fishing at the lake or Ocean? Sometimes you resort to a time tested method. Its called fish calling. You can chum the water, but from a pier or surf not to effective. What you do is cast your line out far as you can, then reel it in fast. Do this several times, make that "bait impossible" for fish to catch. Around the fifth time your going to catch a fish and a huge-ass nice one too.

If you get hung up over a babe after getting caught up in her magic. Dude then don't even look back and haul ass imagine shes a great white shark going to eat you if you slow down. Unless you want to be taken by her of course. Trust me its a painful death and I advise you play the Field before you hunker down with just "one".

American women love to hunt their men down to the ground. European women like to be chased, stalked and finally caught. So if your into a hot American beauty then kick it bro, chill be yourself, chicks don't go for the looks right away. An act of chivalry or well placed smile and your own words will bring out the best in her and she will fall for you.

Play hard to get fellas! Don't always answer the phone when she calls and more than anything get to know her as deeply as you can. Not only will you enrich yourself with her past,present and future dreams, but it will add a tremendous depth to your time in bed sexing it out. When I came out of warp speed from a 27 year marriage. I was clueless on how to get women by my side again.

After some really painful trial and now here at a good spot. Who knows where I'll be next year or with whom. Have 2 incredibly special honeys am seeing. Ones Asian from Santa Monica and the other hottie is African America from Hollywood, but she prefers to be called "black" lmao gawd I love these girls.

Am I handsome? LMAO NO!! Am I young? rofl, hmm is 48 young? Am I rich? nah... Am I a Jerk? ROFL PROBABLY!!

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