Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best on the Net!

Girls are trippy. As much as you do your best not to fall or care for them, its so fucking impossible not to. Always wondered why I cheered on 2 teams during superbowl or world series. Figured I won either way, as I went for how the teams played and not focused on one team only. I love my girlfriends deeply. I stay with only two of em as they take all my time and care. Yet I know that by March if I haven't decided on whom, than its on to Spain and to my destiny or final destination. Yesterday and today been grounded at home.

I have vertigo for a couple days and am falling all over the place. I prefer to have vertigo than the freaking flu. Its almost gone, so Jenny calls me asks me what am I doing today. Tell am chilling at home she says shes gonna hang with some friends since I have the vertigo. Basically at first I was happy to hear she wasn't coming. Am totally sexually exhausted. She just called back asking me what was this "vertigo", I explained it. She became concerned and insisted and yea won her way over to my place. I love this girl, yea young enough to be my daughter, but Christs sake shes so alive and happy compared to so many others.

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