Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yea some Turkey!

Heheh have a couple of Girlfriends that insist they both want to spend Thanksgiving with me. Yet there is only one of me, choices eh? Onto the club floor and settle this like adults that can fly on dance ring, Roger!!!!!!!! I'm so lucky have never known such beautifull women. I never thought once in my life that women could be so much fun to be with. Hell I just don't mean the fun times under the silkiest of sheets, man its the stuff they say and make you feel when you hit the sand. Today have a date with a honey at Gladstones on sunset. Shes really young, but christ sake she can dance like none ever born and tonight we're hitting skinny's for swing nite. Toany guy reading this post. Know that we men were born to rule over them and no matter how much they melt your heart let no woman dictate your love lust!!!!!!

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