Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nice Weekend.

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Lol...Star Wars Facebook.


Love is a Battlefield, huh... Lady M is splendid in every-way, except I realized much to my chagrin although I do love her, am not in love with her.She is mad sweet and sexy, but she wants to take awhile in our relationship,I figure 8 weeks is enough. What did I even want? Basically to see her more than just the weekends. Hell man am always like 24/7 sexually excited lmao who knew? Shes like yea lets sex it to the max, but just 5 days a week, well have always been a proud fucker so naturally I took that as an insult and I left. She says I have control issues and shes probably right. Its kinda of my way or its the highway.

CAN'T A BROTHER JUST HAVE A GIRLFRIEND FOR MAKING LOVE 7 DAYS A WEEK 2-3 TIMES A DAY? Including period days if both are so inclined (insert your OMG EWWW! here). Even if I could afford a hooker, I would never go down on her, so it wouldn't count or be fun. I need a 24/7 girl.Have no clue how long this sexual peak will last, but goddamn am having a fucking great time....literally lmao.

Hitting a rave this weekend with Jenny. We came to understanding,she wont mention getting married having kids and I wont go to Italy without her. Besides she can make love for 5 days straight,but only 3-4 times daily, yet.. dam what a freaky time it is. She says we're gonna drop some "E" and dance for hours. Rofl I like to see that happen, anything that can go on for hours sounds so fucking sexy. I can't wait to try this thing they call "Rave". I think my daughter and niece would trip badly if they met Jenny whose 25 and they are 21 and 26.. (<====sighs and lays head on desk suddenly realizing that the madness in his method is nothing,but madness.") Been so long that I'VE been tipsy or plain drunk that I've forgotten the last time I was blasted. Today I got the craving to get just plain drunk. did I drink? lol nah, craving lasted 2 minutes and left me tripping thinking on it was easier to give up cigs than hard liquor booze. Cigs I smoked since I was 13 years old, booze I started in 2009.

Yea I love and despise 2009, but also am humbled and bask in its life altering radiance with my own glow-stick of Pride,(Jenny got us a small box of glow sticks for Rave). Today I weighed in 153 at boxing gym, am healthier,deadlier,sexier and I guess happier than anytime in my life,but I miss my kids and that always tips the scale of joy vs despair to an easily won night of self doubt and sadness. Yet I climb and fight my way through albeit am weighed by these chains of the past. Simple chains of life we all acquire in life. Yet when I see A Christmas Carrol I understand now the chains that scrooges business partner. The first ghost carries and drags with him through eternity and what they really mean.

Have a glass of Sea Monkeys or known as Brine Shrimp. "One of them just asked, "who would you marry dawg". Well if I had to pick and lucky enough that one would say yes...hmmm, would be Jenny. Shes only girl from the almost seems now countless women that I've dated, shes the only one that really knows me and made it a point to know me.

Rofl she sometimes texts me and asks, "hows my old man"?..ROFL yet when I've overheard talking to her friends, she refers to me as "her man". Lol my ex-wife in 27 years of marriage never refereed to me as her "man", but rather as her husband. Yea I would Marry Jenny in heartbeat. She wanted to make love at beach, right on the stairs, talking bout 20 feet or less from PCH. As it is she blew me there in front of some folks and let me play with her on the sand. Amazing what a towel can really cover lol. I never thought or dreamed in a million years that I would love having sex in public view. Thing is we must look good doing it cause nobody s ever calls the cops.

Jenny also lets me dress her anyway I want. I bought her the red AND BLACK checkered mini skirt, black prep shiny buckled shoes, Lacey nylons and a white blouse, throw in a couple pigtails and that Japanese honey is locked,loaded and ready to go. What I dig about Jenny above it all is. She is totally free of STRETCH MARKS! I mean I dated a 20 year old and she had some stretchiees near her breasts and lower tummy. Of course I have some on my tummy and ass too lol. Yet Jenny doesn't have any, not even one! Important I guess for me as part of our foreplay is for Jenny to pose like a sexy model on bed, floor, against wall and dance for me on top of a small table I got her.

When I used to drink Jenny would dance with the rum bottle on her head and shimmy over so I could get a drink, lmao what a babe!!!! Have "Dated" now from ages 20 to 57 year old's and my best overall rating, relationship wise, in everything from sex to making you feel good about yourself... Women under 30, my favorites are the 26 year olds...old enough to know what to do and young enough to still do it.. ^_-

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