Saturday, November 14, 2009

Looks at Pacific Ocean & Smiles.

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This is really hard man. Lady "M" is without the doubt the smartest and prettiest girl I've ever known. I mean she really takes your breath away when you open the car door. Shes like what a guy gets when he lands in the Girl of da Dreams in that Heaven place. Yet Jenny won't let freaking go of me. I really don't know M that much yet and although I think shes the "one", am scared to death of another intense friendship gone to hell. The point is, I'm love burned and broken hearted shy. Playing hard to get from here on with a little, "ok catch up to me baby" thrown in for persistence spice. That's why I advise any guy going through what I've been in, hell bro date many. Do not get hung up on just one. It's a death sentence for your heart. Yea a girlfriend a while ago said sex screws up the mind and you can't longer talk straight. Maybe if its with the wrong person, yea I can see that.

You can also love more than one, yea I didn't think it was possible either. Ain't easy man don't recommend it too all, takes alot of will power to stay true to yourself while loving others. One knows of the other and the other kinda knows too. I'm like sorry ladies but its also a race for my heart too not only yours. Will not settle with any woman unless 1. shes like the best sex ever and 2. shes got to be totally gaga over me. Have a couple girls like that now, but in my opinion not ready yet. I want them all like obsessed with me this time before I take another 30 year plunge, lmao man. A while ago I got the vibrating touch for each girlfriend as a anniversary gift and wow man. So I have a couple private beaches I found that are true gems and are literally just seconds or minutes right after sunset intersects with PCH.

So I took Jenny for a ride to beach and since shes younger than Lady M. I decided to use the vib touch device LOL! first people can see you when your finger banging your girl in the car especially if their in a SUV and your not LOL! One lady that stopped next to Jennys side, did a double take and I just busted up and licked my lips at her she laughed and covered her eyes and stayed for a couple seconds at light as we took off. Guys in cars if younger than you smile and crack grins as they stare down into your car. The older guys stay all dawg and quiet like. We did a few rounds around wilshire, Jenny loves the doing Love things in public and to to tell the truth I now insist on it with any babe that I start seeing. Finger Banging is what Jennys calls, it lmao kids and their expressions.

So I did Jenny a couple times on Wilshire as she had a great orgasm as we drove down a small ramp from ocean park down to PCH. I figured I had done her good and when we got home later she do my favs. Nope she BLEW ME AT FUCKING BEACH K! hehe took a couple of pics and sent them on to my bud lol man. Guys were fishing on sand and people rofl scattered here and there. She did me right under the tree. Shes winning the sex in public places requirement. Lady M is much more conservative but just as wild in bed. OMFG UPDATE ROFL!: Jenny just emailed me link to ad in Japanese newspapers and net sites she paid for mind you, asking for a asian girl to join us tonight!! rofl man my chick owns!!!!!!!!

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