Friday, November 6, 2009

Jenny just took my heart.

Update 9:am Friday, I just hear Lady M's vm she wanted me to sleep over last night hehe I was with Jenny. I love having 2 girlfriends each a different race and each a different age. ones 25 others 53 and Edend at lunch time at my place is 23 lmao this rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny left an hour ago shes off on Thursdays and she spent the afternoon and night with me. I always thought or hell who knows what I thought, but always figured I would be the one chasing women to see who I would win over. Never in a million years did I ever even consider that really hot girls would be chasing me so relentlessly. Am I complaining?, yea little. My back is hurts my knees are a little tired and tell you the truth my dick could use a fucking break. Last year around this time, I couldn't buy a sexual experience and now I spend more than half the week in bed with a beauty or a "girl friend". I enjoy the company more than the sex sometimes, but ladies really think you want to get laid, true most of the time..but. As it she want to hangout this weekend and since she just bought a car, I know shes going to drive over this Saturday just like tonight. The thing I'm gonna cancel with her as it Lady M wants me sleep over again.

The real rub Eden the sweet Israeli chick has been emailing me for past couple days that shes back from her trip to Oregon, Frisco whatever the fuck it was. Shes 23 and am like omfg no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet the holidays are here again. No Son no Daughter amybe thats why I don't give a fuck about a girl right now. Rig ht now in fact aint to charitable in feelings for women, yea I know its not their problem, but wake up call to your assholery that lurks inside you after a divorce and then later a broken heart with a girl firend. Tonight Jenny told me that in bathroom at mango tango a girl had tol her that Jenny's Man (hehehe that's me) busted some nice moves out there on floor. When Jenny told me that I felt really nice.

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