Thursday, November 5, 2009

Its Rocks to be me..Finally!

Yea I woke like never before aww yea sure I got problems like everybody else, but today for first time in 1000 years I woke up as the master problem solver. Today for the first time in decades, I see nothing but solutions and victories. I no longer need women to validate myself or my complex ways. Am simple as that ant walking before you on the sidewalk, happy as a guy that just found a long lost memory to wrap his mind around and quiet and shadowy as the most serious heart breaking womanizer.

Yesterday as the Judge prepared to sign the restraining order against my ex wife. She started to cry at table and in between sobs she said, 'Judge if you sign that order against me, I'll have to get rid of the 38 gun in the house and my ex-husband that your now protecting will come over and kill me". The Judge asked me Mr. (my name here.LOL) will you go over and kill your wife? I said your Honor I don't hurt or kill women. He said "I won't go there, but I believe you", and with that he granted a two year (2) permanent order against ex wife.

Today when I woke and lifted my weights, getting ready for walk. I thought this weekend no more women. I love being desired and all that. I just want to hang alone this weekend, am going to the beach, ain't going to pick up not one single beauty or flirt like a mad at blacks beach. No, just gonna take a huge ass walk from the SM Pier and walk west on the sand until maybe Malibu Pier.

The more I think of it the less appealing an American wife sounds. I truly feel my hearts of hearts lies in Italy Florence, Milan or Rome, because every time I see plane fly overhead, my heart flutters and I know that means love is there where that plane is headed, but not here. I have tried all the women I could here in the USA. Many I didn't even make love to, even dated them like 3 times and when they couldn't take it anymore and wanted to rape my teasing ass, I just disappeared from their lives.

Considering how many time women have done their best to break my heart, my soul and even push me in they're stupid ways for me to destroy myself. I didn't, for I'm committed to Gods purpose and His holy Mission. I swore to fulfill my vows on bended knee in front of the Holy See. I will never or could even try to exchange my sacred vow and the place I earned in Hells eternity for the magical, indescribable pleasures that live, breathe inside the warmth of a Woman's love and legs.

I now prepare my mind, soul and body for the Journey in March. I intend to say Goodbye to America for many years and live my life in Italy. Help me God and I will never fail you regardless of Thy Given Grace.

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