Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I will find that special girl.

Update 9:45pm: Nothing like a girl making her move on ya to get your fucking blood hot and boiling. Jenny called me shes 10 mins away from landing at my place. Lol man, am supposed to chill with Lady M tomorrow. These posts will be priceless years from now, if I survive to read them. I like Jennys and her hot flashy temper not to mention Little Honey can naturally swing a blade, probably cause shes Japanese. Hell I don't care the little Doll has it bad for me and I like her too a lot, but then again whom don't I like?

Yea this is getting to be a blast. Neither girl wants to let me go. To tell you the truth I just might have to ask them to meet each other and learn to get along. Its like there almost meeting each other to begin with the schedules. They always miss each other by 10 or 15 mins when hooking up at my place, hell they even call at same times..very trippy. Hmm, LOL or maybe I won't introduce them and see how long I can get away with this. I know they know that I know that they know., ROLF, OMG am in one of those? Well lets see at their apartments this holiday. This time, both of them want me at they're places this weekend.

To a guy that last year weighed 300 pounds and looked like Jabba the hut, well you can imagine now having babes half my age fighting over me is kinda HOT? So I aint bragging when I post pics of scale and weighing in at 150 lbs still at 14% body fat, heheh working on it. It takes a hell of a lot work to cut your body weight in half by years end. I have done so. Last year I was an emotional wreck. If for the fact that I don't die, much pain of horrible fathomless depths would have been avoided, if I could have just simply died.

Yet only the good die young and I seem to be cursed to a long and uncertain life. I will never surrender for I have been touched by Gods fingers too many times not to laugh at every titanic-like of an adversary that comes hurtling my way. In my case, lately every light at the end of the tunnel has been well the fucking train coming right at me. I stand here straight and tall hands on hips muscles bulging where none where before. I am always ready to help and die for those that can not stand for themselves. I fear no man of this earth. I lost my kids and for how long I don't know. I said goodbye to 30 years of a life and to wicked bitch of a wife.

No longer smoke cigs even forgot about them after 30 years of a pack a day, don't drink booze anymore even though I only started that this year..I did like it and hell man it turned me into a Don Juan and I got laid almost daily. Gave up a 2 liter day of soda pop and junkfood by the pound..yea out the door..hence 150 lbs and fucking stunning if I don't mind saying so. So much if I could fuck myself I soooo would.

Yet I think I'm an asshole though, see I want more girls not just 3 honeys. I slowed down with these 2, third beauty I still haven't called to confirm date, but its time to check the back alley and be free again. Its true, I became an alley cat. Sure,. I'll let myself be "taken in" and will do my best to have you live the "I have an intense cat as a pet shtick." LMAO!! Yet baby unless you have something that 4 billion other women dont have? whats the point? One day you'll leave the backdoor or window open and laterz Doll time to play the back alley symphony. Like I said before, never in my life have I suffered so much over a wounded and finally broken heart. I SWEAR ON MY FUCKING LIFE NO WOMAN WILL EVER HURT ME LIKE THAT AGAIN. So yea theres going to be some relationships that no matter how sweetly it started, if it doesn't work out, well dawgster that's life. I will find that special girl.

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