Monday, November 2, 2009

Cupid come on Bitch SHOOT IT!

I just finished reading a "ode to me"..I guess, email from Lady "M" to me. Before I read it I was pretty fucking pissed from an earlier phone call regarding some bullshit from an old ex girlfriend. I read her email really slowly, keep in mind I had spent Saturday and Sunday in "M" arms most of the day in her bed, she calls the bed "potato chip". She slept with a stuffed little monkey called "cheeky" I though it was oddly endearing. My heart winced a little when she called it her daughter. Here was the first woman in my life that didn't have children or a husband and was some years older than me. What a affectionate lady shes been. I've been so careful to never say "I love you". I say instead, "I like you alot" She says back the same thing.

Bit ago finished her emails she had sent today and wow. She told me in detail why she like me ant the end she told me she was in love with me. Yet today as I was attacked by this problem and that one on the 60 freeway. Jenny called me to wish me a happy day and try to find what had happened with Lady "M", yea Jenny's knows about the whole thing as we talk about the sex and what M and I are feeling about each other. Japanese honeys are intense and fuck me if Jenny ain't my best friend and one hellish fuck.. Trippe huh.

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