Monday, November 9, 2009

I bade them Goodbye

I am tired of crap so I just say goodbye now. Told the 2 honeys I was seeing for a few months laterz last night. I feel so much better alone again. Just booked a cruise for Hawaii for myself. I have none to be with for thanksgiving and no fucking way, I can be here in valley again with out my kids like last year. In fact as I write this I feel a great weight lifted from my shoulders. It takes a lot to love or intensely like a woman. Am like why even bother, its a lifelong thing to begin with and besides theres too many girls out there to get hung up on a couple. A bud told me last night just ignore them when they call with their "am sorry" phone calls. Yea hes right I always thought it was proper to answer the call and"talk it out" lol fuck em, just move on gals you had your chance and so did I.

Never been on a singles cruise and sounds like fun, if you think about it a romantic cruise a clean balcony and a maybe a new fresh honey every other night could be exactly what I need to chase the relationship blues away. Well time to get a new wardrobe I say by Saturday. Would like to have waited until I was 140 but I settle for a few outfits and suits and my 150 for now. Let my blog diary reflect I feel no sorrow for the loss in fact I care less than I thought I would and more importantly state ROFL @TWO YEAR RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST EX WIFE. LMAO! STAY AWAY YOU CRAZY BITCH.....ITS A COURT ORDER YOU MUST OBEY IT :) <--MAKES HEX SIGN...

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