Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy T Weekend!

Well just got back from Lady M's and gawdam man it was one hell of gorilla sex thanksgiving. I am so dam impressed with myself lmao! She was swimming her in own orgasms rofl !! Now I shower and get ready for my little Japanese Tornado. Shes my very best of the best. I look forward to playing tap, tap, tap at beach today. I bought us a pup tent and I have the perfect beach to get soooooooooo laid at. You peeps have a good one and to the offshoot of an order that emailed couple days. Sorry boys my answer is an absolute and loud NO! Not opnly do my Vows to Peter end March,but I'm faithful only to my Order and no others. Also I no longer can take looking at my hands. I now bathe in the love and sex of those wondrous women that surround me. My best of lucks to you guys and you have my blessing to run in my hood by all means.

Happy Thanksgiving all and Never drink and Drive!, the person you kill might be your own family.

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