Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Best not to fuck me with..yea

Ok so today I met the ex wife in court to get a permanent restraining order on her wrinkled ass, Did I do it? ROFL does a decapitated child molesting priest smile when you cut off his head? ROFL..btw they don't smile rofl!!!!!!!! I stand in front of mirror all slender and muscley. I love my body, I love my smile now, its like Dennis Quiads full of laugh lines and dimples. I get hit on all the time and I no longer need dating sites yahoo or plenty of fish. I get my women on the street, in stores in line at dmv. Wherever theres a sweet young beauty, you can count on me tapping her for a date. I say I have a 78 % score rate, yea I know it sucks but for a dude like me 48 no skills of a Don Juan..I think its not too bad.

To all my friends that emailed me since yesterday regarding Sandy no worries my close buds. I know she was lying and as far as her comments of when she was coming over and this and that, lol I kinda know people. Shes a nice girl and I'll always remember her with fondness. I'm into happy girls that like to dance, sing and trip the lights in the worlds fuse box. Lady "M" told me she loved me last night and Yea I believe her, true I don't love her, but then again I'll never love another woman again. Lady M is gorgeous and omg I never have met a girl that is so sweet to me. She hangs on my every word and walks with her arm wrapped in mine.

For Halloween she dressed up as Genie and made my every sexual wish come true..over and over again. Jenny's way still into me and who can fucking blame her, I'm a blast to be with man. I do my best to make sure every girl feels so special. There isn't anything I wont to do for a honey to make her feel special in every way. Yet am ready to settle down a bit. I think its gonna be Lady "m" I liked her apt in Hollywood, very new yorkish. She made me breakfast in bed and that kinda blew me away a bit.

Oh yeah I tore a new asshole into that cheating skank of a former wife. Judge handed her a TWO (2) Year restraining order including a 100 yard stay away ORDER..ROFL!! No emails No phone calls and I can record all her death threats from now on. What fucked her up even worse, was the girl she sent to set me up and I guess the plan was to stash like 40 pounds of Heroin in my closet or something like that, well that "girl", she fell in love with me instead and turned on my ex wife. BTW Thanks Anita lol man am fucking dying on the floor as I write this. Anita testified in court against my ex-wife today and Judge was just a little PISSED.. Just a little have ordered the transcripts and having them bound as a coffee book LMAO! LMAO man its just rocks to be a kinda of a 007.

Lads remeber these wise words. Women are not MEN. They are meant to be ruled by us. Do not ever make the mistake and let her be your equal. It WILL BE YOUR UNDOING. You sir are the King and she is the Queen.

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