Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Am falling for her bad now

Thanks to my 1,400th follower SUPER HOT LADY!

Yea am beginning to like her a hell of a lot. Shes always telling me nice stuff and all that. Not to mention shes hot as melted butter. Since I've been dating Lady M, I've slowly let get go of other honeys. Even "T" girl said something of meeting me and I basically was like yea, yea. I like Lady "M" alot, enough that today my application was approved for an apartment in Santa Monica. I was so surprised and really happy. Tomorrow am asking for a loan to my factor and heading off to Paris hopefully by Xmas or January for only a week, but with Lady "M". Am looking forward to sending my ex wife some postcards of Beyonce as I call my baby with me under Eiffel Tower. I've never been to France with someone I was deeply in love with and although I don't know if I'm deeply in love with her, hell I "like" this babe something awfull. We talk bout sexually things so freely and so excited about doing things that will trip the fuck out of us.

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