Sunday, November 8, 2009

aint pissed anymore hehhehe

Don't fucking tell me no in the morning, especially regarding sex. Lady M told me no and I had a very polite and incredible WIG OUT!. SOK now as I smoothed it as she is intensely sexy and makes me laugh mad. Anyways Jenny is on her way over to my place so all is good. I'm way past the guilt stage of loving more than one woman. I kid you not that I love each one for her own rights and wiles. No comparisons, just wonders of differences. From the race to the dress and moans and way of orgasms. The older Lass loves when I talk really sexy explicitly things in convos and the younger one I think gets all embarrassed and says, "old man is that all you can think of whit me" I made her bust up on freeway when I said sure when I find more holes in you...Heheh you had to be there kinda of jokes LMAO!

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