Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yea I Danced..

Update:! Ok my Grand Total to get paid to tweet is now $3.96 heheh. Yea can't retire of it...yet!! but as I know my life I' always get what I really want. What a fucking journey this divorce and finding myself has been. I never been though such hardship imposed or self imposed, its been a a gawdam hard road. That's what make me standing here giving the finger to Satan such a blast. Little coward Lucifer, you tried your best bitch and yet I stand here basking in Gods light. Yea tunnels up ahead and who knows if I'll reach the light at end of tunnel or maybe its a fucking train heading my way. Whatever life holds in store for me and my kids Well God take my life my soul anything you gave me,but spar my blood Dear God protect them and forgive them for their actions against me and others, like your only Son said long ago, Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. Have great weekend people and may we all find what were looking for!!

Last night was the first time I danced with a Latina chick in a long time, months. I swore off Latin chicks after "t" girl, their too dramatic and shit. This girl was different, shes from Spain... LMAO!! She taught me a tango move and well it was on for a few hours on floor. She wanted to leave later with me..I said, "nah Doll maybe next time". We exchanged numbers and stuff. I could tell she was going to be clingy if slept over and to tell ya the truth am done with investing myself so much with Ladies. Rather just have friends with as kids say nowdays "benefits". I will get married maybe next year or year after,but I 'm gonna look for my Princess and I'll say looking is the best part, the chase is even "funner" the first kiss the bestest thing of all..that first kiss... Right now am heading to buy a cheap ass car. Then onto the beach to get a board rack installed onto roof and back to surfining every Sunday until I'm a King of the Waves.

I like being alone now and I mean a lot. I don't like guys around me anymore for this or that party shit. I was meant to hunt and score alone and that's the way its going to be from now on. I heard theres a club in Malibu near the pier for dancing. Gonna check it out tonight. Figure I'll head off after racks to matador beach and chill with any honey wanting to party. What I have learned so far about women? You don't have to go to bed asap to be enjoyed as well to enjoy them. Twice I've made some tight Lady friends by walking with a babe a couple miles on sand and its really fun to flirt with waves hitting your toes.

Other Day I was told I was not a player as I have no special girlfriend, so I ain't cheating on anybody. I felt great when she told me that. I have no special lady in my life but each woman I kiss and make love to is a priceless gift... go figure man how that works. Surfs up pplz. :)

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