Thursday, October 29, 2009

So she told me this

Update: Its like 9 am and I woke up all fucking happy about Lady "M"... Rofl I think I like her alot oh wow man!!!!!!!!!! I haven't FELT like this in fucking years OMFG I THINK I'M FALLING FOR HER..... ROFL is it possible can it be possible????????????? am so excited bout spending the weekend at her place, lmao man. I think its here rofl. YUP I CAN FEEL MY STOMACH ITS ALL NERVOUS!!!!!!!!! I have probably slept with more women in this year than all the times I had sex with my ex wife during 30 years so I know it aint my possible future gf's sex that has me all jacked up.. <---(puts hand on beating heart, smiles and gasps, "yea its her that has me like this".!!!!!!!!!
========================== end of update===============================

Today Lady "M" told me that no man has ever spent a night at her apt in Hollywood. Shes lived there 8 years. I was shocked a bit to hear that. Keep in mind that no matter how many times a woman may draw a love picture for a man, he may never get it, let alone understand. This is one of those moments. I know now its a big thing for her for me to sleep over. Its beginning to hit me that this girl likes me a lot. She comes off all pro like. Never married no kids, so shes hardcore single. Like when Mister Bro told me tonight, takes mass game skills to get a hottie like "M" into my bed let alone a sleep over the weekend invite. My answer to that is well, the only quality is takes to land a honey like her is, and be ready bud its the hardest thing a Man can do... it's don't be scared to be yourself. Oh wait did I mention that Lady "M" has a 2004 Harley? ROFL man when she pulled up last Sunday on that "Hog" instead of her SUV, I flipped out man!!

Jenny is beginning to feel somethings wrong with us. Shes a great young lady and dam sexy too. Yet she has a fatal flaw that has doomed our relationship. The thing is I don't get it? Hell she danced for me on a street in LA just a month ago, right there in broad daylight in front of people, she just danced for and to me. Last couple dates she hasn't been to affectionate toward me. Not only in public, but more importantly in private. I'm a kisser meaning, I like to kiss the girl I'm with a lot. If the girl doesn't like it, no problem as we won't be long together long for her to mind it much. Way I feel about this issue is, hey your not into me as much as I'm into you? Then sorry Doll its over. Why beat a dead horse man. If the love and instant magic isn't there, well it ain't gonna grow over time. Love is like the fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk. Those magic beans will sprout immediately if the magic is just right and the giant beanstalk you'll climb up and onto will be a adventure to behold.

Girls Got Rhythm Lyrics

I've been around the world
I've seen a million girls
Ain't one of them got
What my lady she's got
She steals the spotlight
Knocks me off my feet
She's enough to start a landslide
Just a walkin' down the street
Wearing dresses so tight
And looking dynamite
Enough to blow me out
No doubt about it can't live without it
The girl's got rhythm
The girl's got rhythm
She's got the backseat rhythm
The girl's got rhythm
She's like a lethal brand
Too much for any man
She gives me first degree
She really satisfies me
Love me till I'm legless
Aching and sore
Enough to stop a freight train
Or start the Third World War
You know I'm losin' sleep
I'm in too deep[But i'm in too deep]
And my body needs love [Like a body needs blood]
No doubt about it can't live without it
You know she moves like sin
And when she lets me in
It's like liquid love
No doubt about it can't live without it
You know she really got the rhythm
She's got the backseat rhythm
Rock 'n' roll rhythm
The girl's got rhythm

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