Monday, October 5, 2009


Waited for a certain young lady to send me her number, she didn't so I had to move on. I don't regret it now. Never had so much fun as this weekend. From dancing at Mango Tango to Jenny's cooking. I think I gained weight with her food, DAMMIT!! How could I not eat her food? she put so much effort into it. Shes such a sweet girl and man she can dance like no other woman like her before. In my tiny little kitchen we can dance over chairs and even step-off my sofa to get more air.

She asked me to move in with her to Santa Monica. Just a few months ago I was looking for a place to move into at Malibu. I don't know if I'm ready to hang so tightly with a woman so soon and a girl half my age at that. Shes way into sex, I mean way into it. Japanese honeys are like no other woman I've ever been with. Shes so into my needs and whenever I try to get into her desires and wants, she leads me back to myself. If you asked me why I like her so much, it would have to be cause she so sweet and considerate. Never met a girl that was so kind to me and especially to others. Yesterday at beach it was a little cold and she took off her brand new jacket and and put it around a old homeless lady. I Fell for her right there and then. I took my sweater off and she wore it so easily without missing a beat.

I need this kind of a human being in my life right now and I think for a while. I don't, nor will I ever argue with a woman again or fight verbally or in text. This is different and so wonderful to be loved in such a sweet, respectful, sensual, but more importantly than anything I've ever known. It's to be loved in such a emphasized gentle way. That's why I will respectfully decline her offer to live with her for now. I will not be a monster and break Jenny's heart. I still have another women in my veins and I think its going to take a while to be free of her mesmerizing and ever enchanting ways. (Looks at 60 Pomona freeway and sighs)

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