Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lol yea thisPwns...

Am Immune now..finally. On Saturday Morning Jenny showed up to apologize and we talked and hell. I found out that I'm now seeing her. Never heard that from any woman I was ever dating. It kinda blew me away that she would see it that way. When I probed, why would you think that we're seeing each other and not just dating? She answered that she spends all her free and days off with me. I was shocked that it was true, she does. Been tripping all day on her. I was so happy she showed up yesterday. The thing is, yea am super happy whens shes here and especially in my bed as we fool around allot there and laugh up a storm. Never been with a girl that you can spend so much time in bed laughing and really just sharing moments that will always be burned into my heart. The problem is as much as I really love her when shes here. Yet as write this entry, I'm still scheming to see how I hang with Mariana today, even though Jenny is supposed to hook up today with me. Thing is Mariana is a writer and has a few books already under her sexy belt and Jenny well shes only 25. What has had me tripping when I dropped Jenny off couple days ago I was like later, were done. I won't tolerate any behavior
from a girl that even so much borders on "indifference". So on Saturday when woke up, I was really sad man. Not broken hearted, but almost. Made some coffee and comforted myself with se Mariana on Sunday. Now hmm I don't know what to do, yea I want both for different reasons, ones younger (25) than me and the other is older (54). Am sleepy, best I rest on this more..

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