Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Insanity has passed..finally

Today Jenny's called me on her day off to ask me some stuff. Mostly to tell me we weren't going to have sex this weekend and just hangout instead. Her reason was that every-time we are together we spend it mostly in bed humping like bunnies and we should just hangout this Saturday and Sunday, but not her sleeping over. Wow man just wow. Guess shes mad about this little assholery, I pulled on Sunday. See since Ive been taking Juice plus see add below. I've been like 24/7 erection man. At first it was like omfg awww yeah!!!!!!!! Then the weeks went on and well I became a sex machine. Couldn't get enough sex, in fact I still can't.

Look am 48 and even when I was in my 20-30's its not like I was Mr. 4 times in a day and everyday or anything like that.. maybe 3 times in a day, once in a great while and certainly not daily. Well, now am like 6-9 times a day and yea I crave it everyday. So weekends with Jenny has been about screwing her to the floor for hours and hours.

She has a ball, but its never enough for me now. On Sunday I had woken her up around 8am to do the "slapity-slap" like Neanderthals. Considering she enjoyed it, I was taken back when after a few torn ones she said no to any more until next time. This was after lunch. I was literally floored. I got dressed was all quiet and kissed her forehead, said "hangout here Doll make yourself at home and I'll see you later".

She was like WTF Dude where you going? Told her straight up, "look baby your da bomb and all that, but sorry I want to fuck my nite away and Sunday too". If your into it then get in bed if not am heading to Lady M's place. As I was backing out she came running out in my bathrobe..heheh flashed me and walked back into my place. Yea weekend was a blast :). Now today she pulled that hangout crap? Look sorry, but If I wanted a girl to hangout with I would have one.

I want a woman to have sex with as much as we both want, good times, grins, warmth, deep and honest affection, but not a long term marriage or anything like that. I will not or ever will trust another Human, other than "moi" and even then, I'll frisk myself. Women are splendid and part of my existence, as much as the air I breathe. Yet its way too late for me to ever understand or forgive a entire Gender. Lol sorry ladies, but your deadlier liars than us guys..

Hence I enjoy the life. Every Woman Ive been with has been such a great time. So much that I can only look forward with the greatest of eagerness to the next honey I hunt down. Will she be the one that makes me see life all fuzzy and shinny again? Cause Love does exist as I tasted it for decades it was a wondrous fruit.

Now, I feel new body, new life, new freedoms. I thirst to make "real" love to a woman for hours, for days and everyday as much as we could wrap ourselves around each others feelings and wants, I mean totally consume our bodies, taking turns almost waiting in line to make each other arch our backs. As we tried to touch the stars above our minds, but I want to be entirely, breathlessly, (it hurts to even look at her inside those eyes)...Deeply in Love.
what the fuck I'm looking for.

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