Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm 23 and your 48 right?

Yea am ready man. Broke up with Jenny in the sweetest way, if that's possible. I guess it was last night.. Shes cool and I like her style. We're gonna be good Friends and I think we will be really that, we shared alot and a few hair raising adventures, not to mention we fucking own a dance floor when we fly. Now as far as Lady "M" is concerned, am looking really forward to tomorrow night when I sleep over. Last girls place I slept over was in April. Since then I've turned down every invite, sometimes for good reasons, mostly though cause I just didn't want to be close to a woman in such a meaningful way again.

Last nights email campaign for my puesto took off like mad today. Got orders like how much would it cost for a client to provide him with 150 breakfast burritos a day. Hehe needless to say I was madly jazzed over this as well as other orders that came in. In other words my dry spell, writers block, or just the plain "I divorced her and my family blues" is over. Ladies when someone tells you that Men don't feel heartache or pain from the depths of his soul. Tell that person that he or she sucks as a human and doesn't know a gawddam thing..k. Because we Men do feel immense pain more than any human should have to endure.

Its like I'm the 6 million dollar man, I became stronger, faster and yea even smarter. Today for the second time in a row I've turned down Eden for a date. Shes a 23 year old Israeli fine sick honey. I met her at a painting show in Thousand oaks with my pal Vincent last Friday. I gave her my biz card,Vince had said she wouldn't call, as Israelis don't go out with Catholics. She called a couple times and asked me over for coffee at a Starbucks. Rofl man I was kinda in a werewolfish mood, so I bit her gently, but I bit her and said, "Darling I don't do coffee dates you want to go out, we go right to my bed". She was a little shocked enough to say omg I don't even know you. Told her then baby when your ready for me call me again and said bye,hung up.

If last year you had told me that in one year, I would be 150 lbs, muscly and fine as fuck. I would have said why you fucking with me man? Now add that I would be scamming a 23 year old hottie and then turning her down when she wanted a roll in the hay? I would reached over and taken your car keys away from you and said, "Bro your too drunk or high to even drive, sit the fuck down man". Today Eden called and said all sexy and husky like, "ok lets meet your way". Wow man I was looking at mirror while shaving as I took her call. Told her to take down a number,she did. Then told her I couldn't make it as I had a previous date that I just had to keep.

She got a little pissed and said,"hey guy I'm 23 and your 48 right?? I looked at myself in mirror and smiled all happy at my reflection. All I said was call the number I gave you Doll, that's a 20 year old honey I dated for a couple weeks, if you still want to see me, leave a nice sexy voice mail and we dance Tuesday, after some cake,coffee at my place. Just heard her voicemail, am still blushing and like hiding under my computer desk JFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea dates on fo' Tues...hehehe yea a year is a long assed eternity for some fuckers lmao!!!!!!!!

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