Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I no longer fall in love.

Well Vincent heres my blog LOL MAN!!!!!!! I NO LONGER ALLOW COMMENTS MAN. PAST GF'S AND OTHERS WRITE MEAN STUFF!!. lmao I deserve it though.. Would like to thank you for that compliment tonight Bro. I really like the way you gamed that babe. Even though you said a babe is always going to flirt back with guys in a 120k car lol man it still was masterful how you made her throw kisses at us. Yet when you said I was the master gamer, as I had honeys coming to me all the time, and me without a car or much bucks at that. I thought to myself about my past life. To tell ya the truth Bro I love what I'm going through man. Never been this poor before or let alone drive a jacked up Toyota,yet theres a certain liberation from hitting financial bottom. I left my kids with everything and that's more than some others. Girls I've been seeing know about my present morass and well I thought they would be aghast and nah. They even liked me more. Guess these girls, being nice ladies in every way....like a guy without bad habits. Don't drink, smoke, gamble, do drugs or have unsafe sex.Like I told ya its easy to kick a bad habit and perhaps that's my gift from heaven.

Mister Bro I can give up any bad habit, just like that. I think I gave up on the worst habit of them all. I no longer fall in love. Now before you shake that balding mane of yours ROFL...get it man? how can it be a balding mane? lmao man. Yea I know.. I know lmao. When Lady M left my Apt this morning, I knew I wasn't in love..at least yet. I no longer know what to expect and my confidence in mutual love has been destroyed. I no longer trust any woman or believe her for that matter. We both have our motives sometimes known and even unknown to each other on why we are attracted to each other.

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