Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am the f--cking One!!!

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! Am about to revolutionize an industry..again. Was to beginning to doubt who I used to be let alone wondering out-loud if I could become who I want to be. TODAY I FUCKING DID IT. I STRUCK SO GAWDAM HARD INTO THE VERY MEAT AND POTATO OF THE FUCKING GAME..... BRAND NEW ACCOUNT OFF MY "EMAIL". OMG am on my way to pick it up.. "T" Girl the Calvary is on its way to rescue you darling. Am meeting with Sid today..kid. I know I'll never have you again by my side darling,but I'll always feel so much for you on so many levels. I am finally vindicated in front of my family and more importantly myself. Pat something from Lucent technologies when it was under ATT told me I was a visionary, I remember laughing and telling her yea I see a vision of my car being booted for parking tickets soon. rofllll!!!!!!!!! am so proud of myself so goddamn proud. Get ready Industry, the War has begun and I just hit your ass madly with a massive preemptive strike.. surrender now and maybe I let some of you survive.

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