Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hmm am vexed.

Yea a friend told me I should stick with girls like around 40 not older or younger. I was taken back as my bro knows me pretty well. Although like he said he 's always been with older girls. his first wife was older by 7 years. Its like almost less pressure to be with an older dame. They are so skilled at loving you and stoking your ego or whatever it is that makes you feel so special with them. She calls me up and literally purrs when she hears me talk. Shes so polite and understanding. Wow man this is easy getting so dam easy to fall for her. Today I jumped and mentally yelled when she called me after waking up. Never mattered before, but today I cracked a grin as I answered the cell. She likes to practice her French and German on me for 30 minutes a day. Of course I don't have a fucking clue on what shes saying to me, but it sounds madly sexy.

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