Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hehe it Rocks to be Human..

Dear Sandy, Jenny, and every gorgeous woman that ever gifted me with her burning inner being, Hell Dolls! Thank you. You honeys, that Men can only dream of. Laterz, as I walk away lets us all raise are plastic tea cups of chamomile tea and toast the gods of love as we all loved each other once deeply and true. ^_-


  1. Pardon me, you Spartan Warrior - Not falb then - perhaps a protective layer for your abs of steel??? Good luck to you Henceworth!!

  2. ROFL Doll. Nobody ever made me laugh like you did and you so know that. What the fuck girl am I so bad that you can't find it in your heart to forgive me sweetheart? Take my hand Sandy. to Error is human to forgive is divine. Forgive me kid. I screwed it up bad I know but I was always faithful and loving . Doll am such a different guy now not too much just got rid of the crazy stuff I did.Well anyways Sandy if you change your mind email me your home cell ok? I erased your number as I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself from calling. If this is the way it supposed to be well I part saying you are without a doubt the most beautiful sexiest girl that girl ever created for me. Baby this planet was made for us.Lets PWN IT KID!!!

  3. Hey ya know wat? When you have a gorgeous woman. I mean pretty as all hell, half your age into you and wat ur trying 2 do....shit man if that don't fess game, don't know wat will dawg. Lol man am 48 almost 50 years old Son. In fact there's parts of the 405 freeway and bridges in the great USA younger than me. Yet as I become self aware, I marvel at what I fucking know man. I know a lot I mean allot. So lets put it to practice and pay off small debts and move on to bigger and fuller obligations, in short lets create fucking jobs for all, make a hell of a buck. I know what I want in life and its to love and be loved by the prettiest and most sincerest Woman on this Earth. Am going to Italy in March with "T" Girl or without her..prefer to take her as hopelessly in love with her..fuck me I said, it fuck ya all.....KKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea Sandy I fell so fucking in love with you when I met you for the first time. Every date as been in vain for I can find no woman as beautiful and so magical as you baby. Sandy what do you want me from I can do darling come back to me baby please.

    My law firms are using me soon Ill be rich or least have all a family could need even 2 families. Sandy i NEVER HAVE Met such a woman as you please Sandy call ME come back to me, Your too much man and I can';t forget you as much as I try. No nobler and finer woman as existed than you. Jesus fucking Christ so I fucked up BUT I DID it with your best interest at heart baby,. I fucking know you know I would have died for you darling Please Sandy look at me baby look at my record look at my devotion for all that's good and holy in the name of God AL mighty. my vows end this year my Queen, no more will evil blood be shed in the name of Peter, please my lady take me back.


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